Five on Friday

Happy Five on Friday!  I have so many “favorites” to share from the week!  I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci to share all of the goodness.
Let’s gooooo!
Gift guides.
Earlier this week I shared some gift ideas/guides for the little ones in your lives, based primarily off of what our kids are asking Santa for this year.  I didn’t include a gift guide for Jon because 1.  He’s really difficult to buy for and 2.  The man is never surprised, he sees everything I purchase and chances are he’ll read the blog and find out about everything I have planned for him.  
Anyway, check out these fun ideas!

A Girl’s Night Out!
Our local theater hosted their second annual, “Arts of Holiday, Food, Drinks and Decor,” on Tuesday evening and a bunch of us ladies met up to craft and doing some food tasting.  The pasta was delicious and our “swag” turned out so cute!  Thanks to our friend, Jess, we all now know how to make this pretty bow!
I had an appointment for an ultrasound on Friday.  I now have to get an ultrasound every four weeks due to my age.  At first I thought I wouldn’t want to see the ultrasounds as it would give away the surprise of seeing the baby, but I’ve got to tell you, I was absolutely giddy before, during and after seeing baby up on the screen.  I’m in love, in love and as much as I want to embrace and celebrate being pregnant for this last time, I also can’t but help want this baby in my arms to love and snuggle.
After my appointment I went into a Kmart!  I haven’t been in a Kmart for quite some time!  I bought this entire get up!  It’ll probably be my new mom uniform on repeat!  Sooooo cozy!
Oh and look at that belly!!!!!
I was so excited!  Hence the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!  😉

I had to run into Hobby Lobby earlier in the week for, well, some “elf necessities.”  While there, I spotted these earrings.  Santa, if you need a stocking stuffer, here you go.  I only noticed the name on the “packaging” AFTER I feel in love with the earrings.

Aren’t these pretty?

I’m still on the hunt for a bathroom mirror for the kids’ bathroom.  While perusing the aisles I noticed this one.  I wouldn’t use it in their bathroom, but I was thinking it could make for a pretty piece up on the mantel.  

Here he/she is!!!
I’m already counting down the days until my next appointment!

So many quotes/memes.
I’ve been seeing so many great quotes and funny memes lately.  It’s the little things.  I’ll leave all of my favs right here… 🙂

LOL!  Weren’t those great?!
Welp, we’re off to the library for some fun Christmas activities!  I’m also pumped because we’re going out to eat to tonight!!!!  No cooking for this lady!  WooHoo!
Have a great weekend, friends!
Marie 🙂

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