Friday Favorites

It’s Friday and guess what?!  Everyone seems to finally be healthy again over here (knock on wood) and my dizziness and nausea have finally, finally seemed to have gone away – thank goodness.
Let’s blog, shall we?
Here we go with some Friday Favorites!

Shoes and Matilda Jane
It’s been pretty darn cold here in Michigan lately, so we haven’t been venturing outside much, well, other than driving the kids to and from their schools.  However on Tuesday, while getting Eliza ready to leave for preschool, she put on her cute boots (seen below) only to find out that they were way too small.  How did that happen?!  We had no other shoe options so I told her to wear these ones one last time and I had promised her that after school we’d go shoe shopping.  We basically bought the same shoes except a couple sizes bigger and with a darker colored strap.
Also, how could I not take a picture of her adorable Matilda Jane outfit?  Doesn’t she look so warm and cozy?!  I want her sweater.  😉
The kids still must be recovering from Christmas break because not only did I get to snuggle with one kiddo, but both kiddosin the same week.  Oh my goodness, it was a dream.  Of course I had to take selfies to document these sweet moments.  🙂



I’m back, baby!  Well, kind of.  I’m s-l-o-w-l-y getting back to running.  After the rush of the holidays, the widespread family “sickness,” and the handfuls of chocolate morsels that I managed to consume throughout the month of December – it’s time to get my booty back to work on the treadmill.
The shirt says it all.


Eliza’s Hair Salon and Tangles
Eliza has been wanting to play “beauty salon” with me a lot this week.  She does my hair, tells me to read a book (not my choosing and it must be read aloud) while sitting in the “shop,” then I make her hot cocoa and I drink coffee as a reward for a long day’s work (or approximately forty-seven minutes).
Yesterday, while grocery shopping, I told her we could purchase some “beauty salon products.”  We bought hair ties, headbands and styling gel.  Why did I think it was a good idea to let a three-year-old apply styling gel to my head, I’ll never know?  Maybe it was because of the forty-seven minutes of uninterrupted sitting, resting and relaxing while reading her choice of books that I agreed to the idea?  I attempted to wash out the gobs of styling gel out of my hair yesterday…not once, but twice. Yup, it’s still in there.  One thing’s for sure, Eliza is committed to her craft.  😉

Bun/Ponytail Hat and More Tangles
Speaking of hair…
About a month ago I came across a really cute hat on Facebook or Instagram, I really wish I could remember where I saw it.  Well, there’s a spot for your bun or your ponytail to come out of the back/top of the hat and it covers more of your head than the typical winter headband.  I was all, “I need this in my life.”  I asked my sister if she could whip one up for me (as she knows how to crochet and I have not a clue on how to even begin).
Over New Year’s weekend she gave it to me and boy, did she deliver!  I love this hat because I don’t feel like I’m trying to tuck in my bun or ponytail into a hat and in return have a huge protruding object at the top of my head.  Do you ever have this problem?!
Anyway, this was my hair yesterday after the “styling gel incident.”  I’m sure you can see that my hair looks wet, tangled and not brushed.  True, true and true.
I just couldn’t not share this will you guys today.  Seriously, I love this hat!

So that’s it over here.  I’m about to go hit up the gerbil wheel again (AKA treadmill), mostly so I can eat more chocolate chip morsels… 😉
Have a nice weekend, friends.  Stay warm!
Marie 🙂
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  1. Haha when you wrote hair gel I started giggling! My son is obsessed with his hair being styled like his dad's and he thinks that face wash is the same thing as hair gel…you can imagine! Get all the snuggles you can! xo

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