Must-Have 1st Trimester Essentials from Amazon

If you’re pregnant or know a friend or loved one who has recently become pregnant, then this is the post for you!  If not, then I’m sorry………..Dad.  😉  LOL!
I was sick, like all day nauseous for my entire first trimester and geesh, it sure wasn’t fun.
I thought I’d share my tried-and-true first trimester essentials.  Whether it was vitamins, a huge Yeti full of ice water, jotting down in a baby book or that Pink Stork tea (which was a godsend, by the way) – all of these items made me feel better in one way or another.  All of these things served as a reminder of that little life that was growing inside of me.  So, as I swallowed those vitamins between gagging and wore my Sea Bands whilst out and about – I reminded myself that it was all for good reason!

First up – this tea.

You guys, if a woman in your life spills the beans early, give this to her just in case.  This stuff really helped ease that icky feeling in the mornings.  Sure I still felt gross, but not as gross as I did before I had a few sips of this magic potion.


Looooong ago, before I ever made a purchase from Amazon, I was pregnant with Henry and I had heard about Sea Bands.  I can’t remember exactly where I bought mine – Babies R Us?  Our local grocery store? – but I will tell you, I’ve sported these puppies everywhere.  College football games, the grocery store, school drop off, on dates with Jon…

Lucky for me, I had held on to them for years!  I was really excited!

Imagine my excitement by typing in “excited” into your GIF bar.  Yeah, I was ALL of those GIFs!  Haha!


Oh BellaBand – thank you for all you do.

These babies have always served as the perfect transition between wearing normal pants to making the move into maternity pants.

You have my heart, BellaBand, you have my heart…

‘Nuff said.

So, I was looking all over Etsy and Amazon for a simple and fun maternity/belly book.  I loved that I kept one when I was pregnant with Henry and I’ve absolutely loved looking back at all I had to say.  Unfortunately I didn’t keep one with Eliza.


I made it a point to order one this time around.

To be honest, I haven’t been able to write in it as much as I had hoped, but my goal is to write in it while I wait for the kids in the school pick up line.


I bought this shirt when I was around 7 weeks and for the primary purpose of documenting my pregnancy every other week or so!

I’ve been loving the simplicity of this black maternity shirt and it’s been fun to watch my belly grow through the pictures!

This cocoa butter has always been my go-to!  It’s affordable and it feels soooo good.  I still may order a few other brands, you know – just to try…

I mean, can a girl ever have too much cocoa butter?  I think not.  (<—-I don’t even know what I’m trying to say, just trying to sell it to you, I guess – Bahahaha!)

About a year ago, Jon was given some YETI cups while at work…and let’s be real – what’s his is mine.  😉

I use that YETI cup all. the. time!  My water always stays nice and cold!

I did have to take out my center divider in our car for when I take it with me while out running errands or when I grab it for the school pick up line, but once that divider was gone, the thing fit like a glove!


Okay, so you may think this one is a little costly.  I’m well aware that prenatals can be free at many pharmacies and/or doctor’s offices, but I took these with my other two kids and I’ve grown so used to taking them when pregnant that I just couldn’t imagine it any other way.  Sure, on the days I couldn’t stomach taking all seven vitamins I’d just take one vitamin from from my Nature Made jar.

I’ve enjoyed taking these and I know some of you may think it’s crazy, but I still had to share!

Also, you can get them on Amazon, BUT we ordered mine from a pharmacy (they were a little bit cheaper from the pharmacy 😉 ).

There you have it – my survival guide for the first trimester of pregnancy!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!  🙂

I’m linking up over at the Pink Junkie Pin Party!  It’s my first time there!  WooHoo!  Party time!

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