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Fall Bucket List

Happy Thursday and Happy almost fall!
Those cooler temps are right around the corner here in Michigan and I seriously can’t wait to bust out the leggings!
I’m linking up with Danielle, Emily, Lindsay, Lizzie and Sierra for their link up, Girl Chat.  This month’s topic; Fall Bucket List!
Let’s get to it!
Decorate for Fall – I have few fall decor items here and there, but I’m REALLY hoping to go all pumpkins on my house this weekend!  Ha!
Host a Hot Apple Cider and Doughnut Stand for Kids – I had a plan in my head about two months ago for a DIY lemonade/hot cocoa/apple cider stand.  Jon put it together for me and hopefully we can get the kids out there to put it use.  I can’t wait to share it with you guys – it’s great for all seasons!
Visit a Farm – About two years ago we found a quaint little farm and have been going back ever since.  It’s definitely become our fall tradition to visit this sweet farm every year.  It’s never crowded and it’s chock-full of fun activities for the kids.

Carve Pumpkins – This is always so fun.  I loooove carving pumpkins.  I’d say I take it the most seriously out of all of us.  The more intricate the stencil, the better – I love the challenge.

Go on a Hayride – This will probably take place at that quaint little farm I spoke about up there.

Jump in the Leaves – Always a favorite.  Our front Maple tree has always supplied us with ample leaves.  🙂

Make Pumpkin Bread – My girl, Sara, has THE best Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread Recipe and I fully intend on making it a handful of times.  So good, you guys, so good!

Make a Pumpkin Roll – A few years ago I made a point of wanting to start of tradition of making a delicious treat to bring to Thanksgiving.  We live about two hours from all of our family so I needed to find something that could travel well and preferably stay frozen.  I settled on a pumpkin roll and went for it.  Let me tell you, those suckers are difficult to make, but I persevered.  I’ve been making it every year since and I want it to be known as my traditional/staple dessert, whether you like it or not!  LOL!

Take a Fall Family Photo – This NEEDS to happen.  We’ve taken pictures over the years, but the last professional picture we had taken was in the fall of 2013…Eliza wasn’t even one!  Oops!

Go on a Nature Walk – We have a perfect little path here in our town that would be gorgeous to walk through while the leaves are changing.  I just know the kids will love it!

Go to a Parade – Speaking of our little town, the Saturday before Halloween our downtown puts on a Halloween parade.  Sometimes it can be a little scary for the kids, but Jon and I can usually tell the kids not to look before anything spooky comes our way.  Oh and it’s at night, too, which makes it that much for fun!

Go Through a Corn Maze – This will also probably happen at that farm.  I’m absolutely terrible at corn mazes so I always just follow Jon until we make our way back out.  In every day life I’m great at directions…corn mazes though…nope.  If I were left alone in a corn maze I’d be the one calling or texting for help…for sure…  *nervous laughter*

Watch A Halloween Movie or Two – Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus…  Yes and Yes.
Go Trick-or-Treating – Of course this is for “the children,” but let’s be real, every year I send the kids out there to get me some 100 Grand candy bars.  😉

Make Caramel Apples – Mmm…I’m craving these this year!  I’m sure Henry and Eliza would love making caramel apples, too!
Make a Thankful Tree – I’ve always wanted to do this but am usually just too lazy.  I know the kids are grateful, but it’d serve as a good reminder for just how much we should be grateful for.
Phew.  I think all of this can happen, I really do.  It’ll be fun to document all of the fun and share what we’ve done as autumn continues.
We’re almost there, you guys…I can almost smell 60 degrees!  LOL!
Marie 🙂

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