A Day in the Life…

***I had originally planned to publish this “Day in the Life” post about four months ago, but, being the terrible blogger that I am, I never did.  Sometimes I can’t understand my own brain.  Luckily, the best bloggers on the web host a monthly link up and it just so happens they hosted a “Day in the Life” link up party on Thursday.  I’m, of course, late for the party, but better late than never, right?

Without further ado…

My Day in the Life….

Okay, here we go, folks – A little “day in the life” blog post for ya’.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I don’t have more time in the day.  More time to blog, more time to do chores, more time to deep clean, more time for me, more time for projects…

Why hasn’t the laundry been put away?  Why haven’t I organized my closet yet?  Why haven’t I finished our family yearbook from 2012?  Why do I even think I need a family yearbook from 2012?

Two things I learned from documenting my day:
1.  The laundry never seems to get done.

2.  I need to dust more often…like…way, way, waaaay more often.

The day I decided to actually make it a day-in-the-life kind of day, I had already messed up and began documenting an hour after waking up.  Gah!  I was already late and the day had just begun.  Not a good sign, but the show must go on.

The alarm went off, I only hit snooze once or twice and as you can also see, I was terrified of forgetting one of my best friends’ little boy for preschool pickup and drop off.

I checked the weather.
Cold.  No surprise there…

…took a quick selfie…

…took a picture of the tv, mostly because I had no clue what I was doing…

…took a random in-the-moment pic of the kiddos.  Again, no I idea what to do…

…and then got up, got around, did some random picking up and made Henry’s bed.  Now, just to be clear, I don’t always make the beds, but I’m trying to get in the habit of doing so more often…

The kids got dressed and brushed their teeth…

We jumped in the car and headed to pick up our little friend, Everett
 Eliza and Ev were dropped off at four-year-old preschool and they were ready to party learn.

Time to drop off Henry.  I was, as usual, running late…

Henry read a book to me in the car while on our way to his school.
He just began getting dropped off in the drop-off lane after Christmas break and oh-my-gosh it’s been a dream…a dream, I say!  I used to have to walk him inside and on the days Eliza was out of school, she’d have to go in, too.  Needless to say, I’ve been enjoying blowing kisses to my little man and waving to him from the comfort of my warm driver’s side seat.

As Henry got out of the car, I realized he didn’t have his main reading book.  I quickly sent a message to his teacher informing her of my forgetfulness.  It was the first time it had ever happened and knowing Henry’s personality, it could ruin his day…
Next up, grocery shopping.  This is new, too.  I’ve always, ALWAYS gone grocery shopping with both the kids or one of them while the other is in school.  I swear I end up saving at least fifteen bucks shopping alone due to not having little hands grabbing items and putting them in the cart.  Due to my fault in parenting, I allow for pointless and useless games/little toys/snacks to come home with us more times than I care to admit…

I loaded up on food and then saw a bunch of things in passing that I wanted to buy.
I thought this mug was sweet…
I didn’t buy it.
I thought about getting this neck rest thingy for an upcoming trip to Florida…
I controlled myself and walked away.

This cute burlap pin board had Eliza’s bedroom written all of over it.
I slapped myself in the face and told myself to get it together.

The framed Michigan art also intrigued me.
Stop it, Marie…just stop it!

Whew.  I had made it to check out.  I saw this magazine.  Gah!  It was ten dollars.  Oooooh….but look at all the pretty pictures…..
Soooo dreamy…
I reluctantly put it back and loaded up the belt.

I made it out to the car, loaded up and headed to the house to unload and load up the cupboards and refrigerator.

I listen to this awesome podcast while driving to my house.
I bought more potatoes.  Why do I keep buying potatoes?

The groceries were put away and I didn’t have much time left before having to leave to pick up the kids from preschool.
I had originally planned to head to the gym after pick up, but I was in a hurry earlier in the morning and didn’t have time to find workout pants without a hole in the crotch, so I took off my leggings in anticipation of finding some workout pants.  I ran downstairs, grabbed some laundry and dried another load.

I made the bed…
…and realized I still wasn’t wearing pants…

…good news – I found some pants, although I had never removed my winter hat (priorities? LOL).

I quickly, and I mean QUICKLY, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.  At this point I’m going to be late picking up the kids from preschool if I partake in this domestic chore.

I do it anyway.

BINGO.  I’m late.
Pick up is at 11.
Gah.  Why’d I do the dishes?
Henry’s teacher respondsed to my message.  Phew.  She’s awesome.
Whaaaaat?!  And I was out of gas?!  You guys, this NEVER happens.  Jon ALWAYS fills up my gas tank for me.  Yeah, he’s awesome like that.  In fact, I so rarely fill it up that I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly.  I know, I know… it sounds silly, but it’s true and I love that Jon does this for me.  Being on empty makes me appreciate Jon that much more, even if it’s something as little as filling up the gas tank.  Jon had been gone in California over the weekend, so I guess that made me in charge of gas duty.  Major fail on my part.
I picked up the kids and dropped off our friend, Everett, at his sitter’s house.
We headed to the gym, but first, I had to get gas.
Am I doing this right?

Ding, ding, ding – I did it!
Once all filled up, I sanitized like crazy.
Eliza and I arrived at the gym so she could play with her friend, Ashlyn.  I don’t always go to the gym so late in the day, but I had just recently joined a weight loss challenge and had been going more often AND her friend was there, so I took advantage of them having a gym playdate.
I got in a quick run…
…used an elliptical for thirty minutes…

…and then took turns trying out a new stair machine with one of my besties, Sara…

Whoa.  Look at the time!
I grabbed Eliza from childcare and headed to Walmart to pick up an article of clothing that Sara had just told me about for an upcoming Disney trip.  She had purchased the same one.  Henry also needed neon colored clothes for spirit day later in the week, so I grabbed him a neon yellow shirt.

I tried on my new zip up hoodie and sent a pic to Sara…

I changed my pants yet again because my other ones became gross, sweaty and stinky from being at the gym…
Eliza had a late lunch.  This girl can EAT!

She grabbed my phone and took a selfie…

I burned her grilled cheese and have to make her another one because I was busy laughing…

…at this…  I’m not even sure if it’s that funny, but apparently at the moment I thought it was hilarious…
I made Eliza a new grilled cheese…

Then she saw that I’d made myself a feast of three eggs.  I was starving because I had been carefully watching my calorie intake due to that weight loss competition I had mentioned before.  She really wanted an egg with no “yellow” on it.  Apparently she didn’t notice the monstrosity of calories sitting  right in front of her.

Eliza: 1.  Marie: 0.
Love her anyway.

I got out Henry’s clothes for spirit day and hung them in his bedroom.

I cleaned up the kitchen…

I grabbed laundry to fold.

While I was grabbing the laundry, Eliza took it upon herself to make whatever this is in the living room.  Girlfriend had other plans.

She told me to sit here.

I did as I was told.
Yes, I’m wearing a robe.  Our house gets drafty.  Yes, I’m drinking a coffee.  It tastes like heaven.  Both the robe and the coffee are essential to me staying awake (and cozy) during this time of day…

Eliza “tucked in” Nubs and gave him a “pillow” and a “blanket.”  As you can see – he was thrilled.

We played a game.  I actually really, REALLY, enjoy this game.

I’m told to fix her slip.  Everything must stop.  This was imperative.

Eliza practiced her letters.

…and she drew a picture.  That’s us holding hands…

Then I was told it was nap time.  We only pretended to take naps.  Bummer.

Uh-oh, time to leave to pick up Henry and charge my phone.  Oops.
aaaaaaaand we were cutting it close.  It was that pretend nap that made us late…

We picked up Henry.  Jon was home from work.  The kids asked for a billion snacks and I’d yet to do the laundry or put away the shampoo sitting on the counter.

I drank one of these guys.  So good.
I started dinner.
Salmon and asparagus for Jon and the kids.

Salad for me.

The kitchen was a disaster.

I finished eating. Jon gives the kids a bath, I clean up the kitchen…again.

I turned the corner and saw this.  Crap.

I grabbed the laundry from the dryer from hours prior and threw the washed laundry into the dryer.

Jon took Eliza to dance class.  Henry took a bath.

Back to the living room.


Henry wanted to play a video game.  I obliged.

Henry and I read his book from school.  This was one of his most favorite books he’s ever read to me!
We snuggled and then Henry fell fast asleep.

Meanwhile, over in Eliza’s room – Jon read to Eliza, tucked her and said goodnight.  Moments later I walked by and saw this.  Girlfriend never stops.  She cracks me up…

Miss. E finally fell asleep.  Jon and I ate kale chips and enjoyed another La Croix…it was a little after 9 by this point…

I thought about tackling the laundry….

Nope.  Too tired.
I kissed the kids goodnight, brushed and flossed my teeth and hopped into bed.
I mindlessly scrolled through Facebook and took a few screenshots.

My last screenshot was of this peel and stick tile.
…and then I was out.  One of these days I’ll figure out the laundry thing. 😉
There you have it!  A little day-in-the-life of Marie.
Thanks for stopping by!  That was fun!
Marie 🙂

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