Eliza’s 5th Birthday

Eliza is five!!!
I still can’t believe it!
The day of her birthday, May 30th, we woke up and Jon and I decided to give Eliza her present.  Her gift wasn’t put together all the way, so she wasn’t able to use it, but we just couldn’t contain our excitement so we showed it to her.  You’ll see what it is in a sec…
During the day of Eliza’s birthday we waited for Jon to finish up his work day and for Henry to finish up with school.  Eliza and I decided to head to Hobby Lobby to find some fun goodies for her upcoming birthday party.  She wanted to sit in the cart and I, of course, obliged.  It only lasted for a few minutes, but at this point I’ll basically do just about anything to keep her little…

We shopped for a bit and then headed to get a birthday bagel…and a coffee for Mom!

My niece sent me this cute collage of pics of Eliza.  I loved it and thought it was so thoughtful…
Eliza’s gift!!
We’ve been eyeballing this carriage since it first came out and we finally decided to pull the trigger!  No regrets, you guys…no regrets.  It looks ridiculous and silly, but we love it and Eliza does, too!!! 

Eliza’s choice for dinner was Jimmy John’s (woohoo!) and as you can see, girlfriend got dressed for the occasion. 😉  

On our way home from dinner it started to downpour.  It was nuts!  The kids loved it and they did what kids do when they’re given permission to run out in the ran.

Next up:  Eliza’s 5th birthday party!!!
That face.  All the heart-eyes!!!

This girl loves her Daddy so, soooo much!

We had never attended a party at our local pool, nor had we ever thrown one at this particular location.  We were a little unsure of how it would all work out, but I told guests on the invites to plan on swimming for the first hour and then eat cake and pizza the second hour.  I also left it up to the kids if we should open presents first or eat cake first.  They picked opening presents to be first on the agenda.  Everything worked out and fun seemed to be had by all!
We love, love, love all of our family and friends and were grateful most could attend.
Photo drop in 3-2-1…………………

This was one happy five year old!

My niece snapped this pic of Eliza as we were packing up after the party!  I love it – so much so that I took another one when we arrived at home…
How is she five?!  My goodness.
Surprisingly I didn’t shed a single tear on Eliza’s birthday or during her party.  I wonder if I was all “cried out” by that point?
I must say, though, that my heart was full.  Full of love, full of excitement, full of anticipation and full of five years of precious memories.  I love that Eliza is ours.  She brings such joy and fun into our lives…love, love, love her.
Marie 🙂

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