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Our Lake Michigan Getaway – Part Two

During the second part of our trip (part one here), my parents and my niece, Aurora, joined us for a couple of days.  We began the day with a nice little run around the neighborhood.
We did a plank, showered, got dressed and headed into town!

First up, the local farmer’s market…

We took my parents into some local shops that they’d never visited…

…ate some hot dogs from a hot dog stand…

…then we headed back to the house to relax and to snuggle with the baby again…  Haha!

After some serious snuggles, we were off to the beach!
It wasn’t sunny, so we didn’t take our usual beach essentials with us.  My sister and I bumped around a volleyball with Jon and my niece.  We’ve always loved bumping around a volleyball – it’s nostalgic to break one out and we always have such a good time!

Next up, handstand attempts back at the house.  It wouldn’t be a vacation without attempting handstands and cartwheels…

Kimmy and I thought it’d be hilarious to try to get a picture of us hardstanding into a beer.  This is the best we could do…  not exactly IG worthy.  I blame my lack of bottle positioning and photography skills on the fact that it didn’t turn out.  Darn it!!!  LOL!  😉

Found a bunch of toes under a bed.  Rumor has it they were playing a game on one of our phones.  So cute.

The next day – the beach!!!


Had to get some yummy drinks!

Ice cream!!!!

The last full day we were in South Haven we decided to beach it up one last time!!!

It was a gorgeous day…

…and, thanks to Jon, he and my BIL walked over to the paddle board and kayak rentals and rented two boards for and Kimmy and me!  Oh my gosh, we were extremely excited – Kimmy and I had been talking about going out on paddle boards since the year before!

I had some balancing issues and may have fallen off the board a few times.  Ha!

We eventually got the hang of it!  We were laughing at how the pictures look as if we were waaaay out there, but that was sooo NOT the case!  Oh my goodness, so funny and such a good time!

Jon giving it a go and attempting to balance.  He eventually got the hang of it, too!  😉 😉 😉

The last evening there, Kimmy and I headed down the street to catch the sunset…

It did not disappoint and obviously pictures did not do it justice…

We cleaned up the house, did some laundry, packed up the cars and said goodbye to “Uncle Greg’s house.”
The next morning we visited the Saturday farmer’s market before heading home.  

…and just a few hours later, we were home.  Nubs was happy to see us…

Whew!  What a trip!  Lots of laughs, fun times and memories.
Thanks again for stopping by you guys!
Marie 🙂

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