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Summer Happenings – Part Two

Here I am with Part Two of our Summer Happenings!
Summer was as summer-y as ever, but the kids had to take another break (the first one being their wellness check-ups) from the sunshine in order to get their teeth cleaned!
Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds the kids lying in dental chairs and getting their teeth cleaned the cutest thing ever…especially when they’re wearing those sunglasses!

Good news – no cavities!
Goody bags in hand.  Dental appointment success!  Woo-Hoo!

I made this marble run for the kiddos and it was all thanks to Lizzie over at This Happy Life!  She’s an amazing Mama and is always coming up with fun ideas for her kiddos!
By the way, Henry loooooved this!  Thanks again for the idea, Lizzie!
Eliza took this picture of Henry and I enjoying some afternoon snuggles.
I kind of love it.

Eliza got this new “cell phone” (ahem – calculator) from the dollar store.  She told me it didn’t have any sound…………yup………..because it’s a calculator……………………..
Love her.

I took the kids grocery shopping…again…

Henry had his first grade open house…
I was a hot mess of emotions.

The kids put on a concert…
Pay no attention to my deflated pillow cases.

We visited the park…and Eliza was adamant that she wear some knee high panty hose that we use for our laundry tub.  Sometimes ya’ just gotta give in to a four-year-old’s demands…  

Henry fell immediately after this picture was taken.  He thought he’d get across the obstacle faster if he jumped from the platform to the third or fourth rings.  It didn’t work.
Poor fella’ took a pretty hard fall.
Oh, the life lessons of childhood…

The kids went tubing…again…

…and we had the prettiest sunset…

My neighbor Amy and I ventured out for yet another paddle boat excursion.  This time we paddled all the way across the lake.
Not only did we have to dodge large boats and chaotic jet skis, but apparently low-diving airplanes and helicopters decided make an appearance, as well.  We were joking that the helicopter was the Coast Guard and that we were fine as we hadn’t yet had to use my fog horn; oh yes, we took a fog horn.  LOL!
Seriously though, this plane was so low.

Amy and I made it to our destination and invited ourselves up to our friend’s house to visit for a bit.  We then headed back to our vessel and cracked open some cold ones.
It was going to be a long journey back to our neck of the woods…

The friend we had visited gave me this dress to give to Eliza as her daughter didn’t play with it anymore.  It made the journey back across the lake that much funnier knowing we had a fancy Nutcracker dress in a dry cleaning bag stored in the cubby of the paddle boat!
By the way, Eliza loved it!

Like, really, really, really loved it…

She even wore parts of it to the store the following Monday…

Luckily she eventually put on something other than the Nutcracker dress or parts of it.
I was certain she was going to wear it for weeks.
Henry was gearing up for first grade.  His new teacher gave him this magic confetti that would help him sleep the night before his first day of school.
It was happening, our little guy was heading to first grade…

Don’t mind my hair and lack of makeup…  Ha!

Of course I had to read Goodnight Moon to my little man as I used to read it to him all the time when he was just itty bitty.
After reading a couple of pages, he completely took over and read the remainder of the book.  Oh how bittersweet that was…
He was ready.

Yup, I tooootally let him take out a bit-o-glitter and put it under his pillow.
He was so careful about it.

Little man fell asleep in my arms and like always, I took a photo of him sleeping before the beginning of his newest adventure.

First Grade was right around the corner and I was so excited for him!
Up next, Henry’s first day of first grade recap!  Stay tuned.  😉
🙂 Marie 🙂

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