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Our Trip to the Farm – 2018

As promised, I give you our trip to the farm!
To be honest, I’m not even sure what to call this place.  They don’t have any animals, but they have all the other farm fall fun essentials.
*shrugs shoulders*
I guess I’ll just stick with “farm.”  I mean, look at all that straw and look at those children on top of the straw!

This was, hands down, THE most excited the kids had ever been to climb up the straw bales, go through the corn maze (although Henry has ALWAYS enjoyed corn mazes – this time he was just a little more enthusiastic), count pumpkins on our hayride and to play in all of that corn!
They couldn’t wait to go down the slides!
I snapped a picture of my shirt in hopes that my growing belly would really show, but I think I need to give a few more weeks!  I swear, it’s there!  Haha!  
You can kind of see my belly at the bottom of my shirt.  That counts, right?

These “Hamster Wheels” were new this year and, oh my gosh, they were so fun!

We usually wait to have doughnuts and cider until we’re done visiting the farm, but Jon was trying to fight off a headache (he’s been really busy lately and I think the headache was a direct result of his busyness) so we decided to sit for a bit and carb load on doughnuts and cider.
The pumpkin doughnuts were THE best I’ve ever had!  They were even served warm – YUM!
Eliza had dropped part of her doughnut on the ground, so I stepped up and reluctantly 😉 happily gave her the rest of my doughnut.
Jon also managed to get in some Henry cuddles after consuming our yummy treats.
Who says a seven year old can’t be picked up for snuggles?!
All the heart eyes!

After our bellies were full we ventured off to the corn maze!

My job in corn mazes is to follow.
 I don’t even try any more.
I’m good with general directions, but Marie and corn mazes don’t get along.  In fact, when we finished I was waaaaaay off from where I thought we were….yeah….we were basically back at the entrance/exit and I didn’t even notice.  Geesh.
I’d never make it out of one of those things alive.  I’d need to wear a Life Alert button or something…I’m not even kidding…  

Some tricycling…

Some assisting…

Barrel ride!  One of my favorites!!!

Henry had joined in with another group of kids and then two dads from two different groups also joined in on the fun!
I love watching people just having a good time and channeling their inner-kid!

This looks like some sort of spiritual thing!  LOL!  It cracks me up!  But I can assure you that Eliza had asked to be buried in the corn and Henry was taking it very seriously.  Hahaha!

They loved the way it felt.
Heck, I jumped in there, too…so did Jon.  I must admit, it was pretty darn comfortable and for someone who doesn’t like their feet being touched, I was actually loving how it made my feet feel.

Obligatory fall growth chart picture…

More tug-o-war!
I like how both kids have fallen to the ground.
Looks like a tie to me…  🙂

This hayride always has pumpkins to count and boy-oh-boy, the kids were on it this year!
They were spotting pumpkins everywhere.  I’d have to tell them to slow down and only count the pumpkins as we went by because they’d lose count by spotting pumpkins too far ahead and then count them again as we passed.  Haha!
For the record, there were 21 pumpkins.  😉

This was also new this year – a corn shooter thingy…that’s the official name I’m giving it.
If you were able to shoot your corn through the target the guys running it would give you five bucks!

Henry never got one through, BUT he did come really close a few times; he also got a candy bar for trying.  Talk about a “sweet” deal!  😉 Harrharrharr!

My fella’ had to give it a go next!  He never shot through the target either, but he did manage to hit the giant pumpkin.  That’s my man!  LOL!

The bouncy track…  (another name I’ve made up…)

The slide one more time…

Then some checkers.
I absolutely love Jon and Eliza’s faces in this picture.
It was a checkers standoff!  So funny!  Wouldn’t you know it – Eliza won!

Ringing the bell because we had a great time!

A family photo!!!  WooHoo!!!
Aaaaaaand then the kids ran back into the farm for one last game of checkers…

Aaaaaaaaand then we were allowed to leave!  LOL!
Such a great time and a huge check off my/our fall bucket list!
Next up for this coming weekend?  Camping…on Lake Michigan…in October…with temps in the 40s and 50s…………………………………………..wish us luck… 
Marie 🙂

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