Friday Favorites

Hey there, friends!  Happy Friday!

Between traveling across the state on Tuesday and snow days on Wednesday and Thursday and a scheduled Mammogram this morning, I’m more than ready for the weekend to begin.  I may have to treat myself to some kind of yummy latte today or a dessert of some sort, because this Mama is EXHAUSTED!

It’s Friday – let’s get to my Friday Favorites!


I’ve been back to blogging this week and my creative juices have been in full throttle and it feels pretty darn good!

I shared all about this fun Valentine’s Day Fondue Set – it’s under 11 bucks! – and all the other fun I had putting this together.  The kids and I basically ate this for dinner on Monday night and I have zero regrets.  ;P

Feel free to read more about it here!

I also made this cute coffee filter heart wreath for my office area!  This turned out waaaay better than I had expected!


Jane started Oral Immunotherapy for her sesame allergy!  We have to go weekly for now and then we’ll be dosing her up virtually.  I’ll be posting more about this soon!

For now, here’s our sweet Janie doing a great job at her four hour appointment!

Okay, so, this sweater keeps popping up over on my Facebook account.  Has anyone ordered this?  It looks really cute!
Soooo…I’m on LTK (Like To Know It) and I’m struggling to find followers and to find folks to follow.  My  handle is Over_at_Marie’s and I’d love to find some fellow bloggers over there!  Also, if you use LTK, any advice?  I’m a little lost!

AAAAAAAaaaaand that’s it for me today!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a happy Friday!
Marie 🙂
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