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Happy Monday and happy last Monday of the longest month EVER!  The beginning of the month didn’t seem so slow, but geesh, these last couple of weeks just seem to be draaaaagging.  I don’t know what it is, but ever since it became January, I just wanted January to be over.  It’s not even the snow or the gloomy days, it’s just been a weird feeling of wanting to move forward.  Anyone else ever feel like that?
Our week started off pretty normal last Monday.  Jane and I ran around and the kids had piano.  On Tuesday, Jane skipped preschool again and we drove to her first Oral Immunotherapy session about two hours away.  We woke up bright and early and were out the door around 6:30 a.m. for an 8:45 appointment.  I wanted to be sure I had enough time to use restrooms if need be, possible traffic jams and/or if I got lost.  
Thankfully, we arrived early and Jane’s appointment started immediately – which was so nice!  This appointment lasted about four hours.  Jane was given a solution with included the tiniest amount of sesame in water.  She would drink 1 ml of the solution and then sit for 30 minutes and the nurses would check her heart and look for hives.  We continued this four different times as the amount of solution was upped every 30 minutes.  She was then moved up to another solution with a little more sesame and this time she had to sit for an hour.  
Jane did great and we headed home with a solution to give to her every day at the same time.  She needs to eat before having the solution and she’s supposed to sit for two hours, which is no easy feat with being three years old.  She’s also not allowed to take a hot bath or hot shower…all of these activities could lead to anaphylaxis…isn’t that crazy?!
I had packed LOTS of snacks, water, activities, chargers, a tablet…  They did have a tv with every cartoon imaginable, which was nice, but Jane opted for the tablet.  There were tiny little kids coming in for appointments and I even heard some people come as far as New York for desensitization.
Jane did absolutely AWESOME!  We now go back once a week until they allow us to become virtual.
They wanted Jane to eat just a little before giving the first solution.
This girl was on the tablet for 8 hours.  Oy.  Two hours on the way over, four hours while at the appointment and two hours on the way home.  I was hoping she’d nap on the way home, but then I remembered Jane has hardly EVER napped in the car…she was wide awake the entire ride home.
I felt terrible for all the tablet time, but I didn’t really have any other options.  Luckily, future appointments won’t be as long, so tablet time on those days will probably by five hours.  With that being said, we’re grateful to even have this opportunity to help her with this allergy!
I had hoped we would have enough time to sit and eat lunch, but Henry was getting off the bus, so we went through a drive-thru at Starbucks for lunch and we drove back to ensure I’d be home in time for Henry!  Phew.  Nothing like hoofing it across the state for a kid to get off the bus!
The next day was a snow day for us here in Michigan!  The weather and temps were pretty perfect, too!  The snow was packable and it wasn’t freezing outside.  I was happy to stay home after having a long Tuesday.  We headed outside and I told Jon that it was the most fun I’ve had outside in the winter in probably 5 years.  Most other snow days I’ve stayed inside with Jane because she was too little, or I’d stay inside to clean the house and be sad that I couldn’t join in on the fun that everyone was having, or someone is crying or screaming or it’s too cold…  So, yeah, it’s been a while since I truly enjoyed going into our yard during the winter and for it to be relaxing for me…and, honestly, for everyone.  I took in every moment and breathed it all in.
I watched Jane make this snowball.  Perhaps she’s made others, but this was the first I’d seen her make…once again, I took it all in.
The girls and I made an association lot snowman.  
Henry, Eliza and the neighbor boys rolled some HUGE snowballs and we had to all push them together to our yard.  It took a lot to make that happen, but it was so much fun working together!

The kids had a snow day the next day, too.  Originally they had a two hour delay, then they changed it to school being closed which also was supposed to mean that Jane wouldn’t have school, but then her teacher said that she was at the school already and to just send the kids.  Jon had just woken up Jane and upon hearing the big kids didn’t have school, I had already told Jane that she didn’t have school.  I ended up just keeping her home because by that point I had informed all the kids that nobody had school.  It was a mess for about 10 minutes, but the kids had fun together and I truly take their time together as them bonding, especially with the age difference.  Jane hasn’t been to preschool for a week and a half, so hopefully we’ll be back on track this week!
Friday rolled around and this boy came home and went looking for snacks – hahaha!  The marshamallows!

…and I had my baseline mammogram!  Lindsay, you were instrumental in me finally having this done!  Enough people don’t talk about it!
Also, look ‘Friends’ was playing in the waiting room!!!  Yes!
I was kind of freaking out because about two weeks ago I had found some bumps/lumps in my right breast and back in January, I had a weird spot that wouldn’t go away.  I try to stay away from Google these days, but I couldn’t help myself.  Of course, Dr. Google had me thinking terrible things.  My blog friend, Lindsay (mentioned above) blogged about her experience and I took it as a sign to get my booty in for a mammogram, so I scheduled an appointment as soon as I could.  After a day or two, I called again about cancellations because I just needed to know and luckily I was able to get in really fast!
I received the results within an hour and thank heavens and knock on wood – everything was/is fine.
The mammogram was so fast and not as uncomfortable as I had imagined, I mean it wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t bad.

Eliza had play rehearsal on Saturday morning and she loved it!
Later in the day, Henry went to a birthday party!  The boys had so much fun together!

Nerf wars, candy and nighttime sledding!  Love these boys!

My Sunday morning looked like this…
…and our Sunday afternoon looked like this – a massive fort and movie time!

Phew!  Back to the grind today!  I have some returns to send back, it’d be nice to pick up the house a little, the kids have piano and then spaghetti for dinner and leftovers for me!
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Marie 🙂
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  1. Oh that is such a long medical day but I definitely wouldn't worry about screens at a time like that; you've got to do what you've got to do in those situations! LOL. My oldest son had a bunch of stuff like that including a more than 2 hour MRI where he watched an entire movie+ then the ride there and the ride home. I figured screens were the least of our problem with everything else we were doing and he's none the worse for it now. How wonderful that Jane gets to be part of this study and go you for getting your mammogram done!

  2. Momma, give yourself some grace about all of the time on the tablet. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive sometimes! I cannot believe how long all of that took, and I really can't believe that taking a hot bath or shower can lead to anaphylaxis! Wow! Who knew? That is so scary. I'm so glad y'all will be able to go virtual soon, though. That will be a huge blessing.

  3. Thanks! Yes, we feel so fortunate to live in a time when this is available to us…even ten years ago this was all so new…gosh, even the sesame allergy itself. It's sooo strange! You're so right about the tablet time! Thanks so much for saying that – I needed to hear it. 🙂 🙂

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