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Happy Friday to one and all!

Can you guys believe that Halloween is just around the corner?!


We’ve been crazy busy over here and while I’m not mad about it, I certainly wasn’t bothered to have had a couple of extra-curricular activities canceled this past week.  It most definitely added in some breathing room for this busy Mama-on-the-go!

Today I’m here to share some of my Friday Favorites and I’ll be joining the fun with…

Andrea – Momfessionals
Erika – A Little Bit of Everything
First up, Jane’s spooky Halloween shelf decor.
I’m sure if you’re on Instagram then you’ve seen so many adorably decorated Halloween shelves.  This was super easy to throw together.  We have lots of seasonal books on hand so I really only needed a decoration or two.  I headed over to Walmart and few bucks later we have ourselves a spooky little shelf display.  
Henry and Eliza had their conferences this past Wednesday and I can’t tell you how happy it made my heart to attend.  The last time I was in our 2nd/3rd grade building was March 11th, 2020.  Also, the kids are doing great!  Love them so dang much!

March 11th, 2020.  Oh my heart.
I’ve also had two opportunities to get into Henry’s brand new school.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous building and we, as a community, are so fortunate to have it!

Next up, all-things-Disney.  We’ll be going in February and I’m trying to get a handle on all that has changed, including the new Disney+ and Lightning Lanes and how it’ll be implemented into our upcoming trip.
Spoiler Alert – It’s going to be much more expensive than I had previously thought.
I follow quite a few Disney Instagrammers and I now belong to a Facebook group called – Disney’s Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane Tips & Alerts.
This graphic really helped me understand the new Genie system so much more. 

I found this adorable name plate sign at Hobby Lobby and I already have buyer’s remorse over not bringing it home with me!  I’ll definitely be heading back to get it for our new office area in our home!

This table!
I found this table at Goodwill for $30.00!!!  I randomly walked into Goodwill one day (after not being there in what seemed like FOREVER), happened to walk to the back of the store and saw this pretty table.  I left without getting it.  I thought about it that night and then decided to get it the next morning.  I crossed my fingers it was still there AND that it would fit in my car… and guess what, it’s currently in our living room!  What a fantastic find!  I’m in love!

I’ve been feeling pretty creative over on Instagram lately, but I’m at a silly standstill with followers and would love to follow other creatives from the blogging world.  Anyone else feel this way?  Anyway, I’d love to follow you and would love some new followers, too!  I feel like I’m begging…is this me begging?! LOL!

Has anyone else seen these Magic Mixies?  Apparently they’re supposed to be a hot Christmas toy this year.  Santa grabbed one over on Amazon earlier this week without really knowing what it is.  I can just see Eliza wanting one weeks before Christmas and Santa not being able to find them anywhere.  Santa also ventured into the grocery store yesterday and found only one more left on the shelf…so who knows…  *shrugs shoulders*

Magic Mixies

Lastly, these two memes… Bahahaha!

Thanks as always for stopping by!
Happy Friday, Friends!
Marie 🙂

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  1. I loooove all of your Halloween decor. You've been on FIRE on the 'Gram with all of your pretty pictures! And THANK YOU for that Genie+ graphic!!!! We're going to Disney in March and B and I have been wondering how the heck that's going to work because it all sounds so dang confusing! Dang you, Disney, for taking away fast passes! Lol.

  2. Thanks, friend! I’m trying to make sure I give myself time to create. It feels so good to finally have a little time to be me again. The entire Genie+ gig is so confusing and I’m trying so hard to understand it so that we can have a trip comparable to when Fastpasses existed. I don’t like the idea of not being able to plan in advance. It’s definitely causing me some anxiety. When in March are you going? We’ll be there late February/Early March.

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