Friday Favorites and Prime Purchases

Happy Last Friday of April, Friends!

I’m so excited for the weekend!

We don’t have any plans tonight – thank goodness!  Henry has two soccer games tomorrow (9:00 and noon) and Eliza has dance pictures (10:00).  I’m very much looking forward to a quiet Saturday afternoon and evening, especially considering that once Monday rolls around we’ll be going non-stop for the entire month of May.  If I could store away energy, naps and caffeine, I would! 

Before we hit the ground running, how about a little Friday Favorites?

I’ll also be linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases – I’ll figure all of this out eventually! 


I wanted to share these shorts with all of you because they’re just so dang good!
Now, here’s the deal, I don’t necessarily enjoy wearing shorts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of shorts and I WANT to wear them, it’s just that my body and these thighs of mine are usually an odd match for the comfort of shorts.  BUT, having just visited Disney and being in hot weather, I was forced to find a solution for my thighs!  Well, two solutions, actually!
These shorts have, get this, built-in spandex!  You get the look of normal gym shorts and a covered up bottom with the luxury of spandex to prevent chaffing!  Can I get a Hallelujah?!  I think I’ve been waiting for these shorts my entire life!
Shop these shorts HERE!

Next up – these biker shorts!

You guys.
Biker shorts are the future.  Ha!
I owned one pair of biker shorts before our trip to Disney, and they’re great for workouts, but these…THESE are waaaay more comfortable for running errands, playing with the kids, walks and fun…and, OF COURSE, wearing them to Disney. 😉  They’re so soft, too.

The “back side.”  LOL!

…and of course I had to pair it with my Disney Spirit Jersey!!!

Welp, I don’t think I’ve ever linked up this suit, but let me just tell you that it’s held up and I get so many compliments on it.  With summer right around the corner, this suit is worth checking out.  It’s nicely priced, as well.  Oh and that tummy support.  MUAH! *kisses fingers* It’s perfecto!
I love this swimsuit.  I’m just about 5′ 7″ and 157 pounds and I ordered a size L.
My husband, Jon, is wearing a Coolibar Rashguard and Fair Harbor Swim Trunks.  Both companies are amazing and I highly suggest looking into their products (not sponsored by either company – we just love them)!

Power Bowl
I posted this week about this yummy little meal.  It’s SUPER easy to make and it’s filling and healthy!

I’m working really hard on growing this blog.  I’ve decide that my little motto is, “Sharing my family, while providing for my family.”  I want to always share our memories and moments that we share on my blog, but I’m also working on monetizing it.  I’ve been listening to podcasts and have since joined a great Facebook Community, Thrive Blogging Community.  If you’re trying to do the same, come and join the group!  I’m really enjoying it so far…oh and go give Thrive – The Podcast for Bloggers and Influencers a listen.  It’s been really helpful and informative.

These two screenshots are keeping me going this week…
I’ve been making myself uncomfortable in the best of ways every day this month!
Bahahaha!  This is how my brain works…
Going into May, I feel this…
As always, thanks to the moon and back for stopping by today!
I appreciate each and every visit!
Make it a great weekend, my blogging friends. 🙂
Marie 🙂
I’m joining in on the Friday fun with Andrea at Momfessionals and Erika over at A Little Bit of Everything.

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  1. Ooh, I needed that first quote today/this week/always! I don't ever feel "ready" to do things if they're remotely scary! And I'm gonna need to check out your shorts finds!

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