Easter Garden Vegetable Tray

Let’s make an Easter Garden Vegetable Tray!

This Easter dish will be sure to be a hit! It’s cute, it’s easy, it’s healthy and it’s delicious.

In order to make this Easter Garden Veggie Tray I headed to Walmart and a couple of dollar stores to see what I could find.

While in Walmart I grabbed some veggie dip and pre-washed and packaged vegetables, a wooden tray from the craft section, mini pots (also from the craft section) and a black condiment holder over by the dishes and utensils.

I was on a mission to find small white fencing, but ended up finding this large one from Dollar General (here’s a link to some smaller white fencing from Amazon – which could be used around the entire tray perimeter). I found the cute bunny from Dollar Tree!

I had also purchased little plant labels, but ended up not using them, however, they could really be super cute to place around the vegetables. 🙂

I cut the spikes off the bottom of the fence…

Next up, I eyeballed the length of the fence and cut away the ends that wouldn’t fit into and onto the tray itself…

…and then hot glued the bottom of the fence and the back of the fence onto my tray.

I hot glued the bottom of the bunny onto the tray and ripped out a sheet of aluminum foil for the vegetables.

The mini pots were added to the tray, the vegetables were added inside the pots and the vegetables were dumped into rows.

After washing and drying the condiment bowl, I added the veggie dip and then placed the dip onto the tray…

This was one of those projects that a creator would hope would turn out and I’m so happy to say that it turned out better than I had imagined. I truly hope you can find inspiration in this craft/food project. My kids were thrilled to see it and they range from ages 4-12!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by and for your continued support! Have a HOPPY day! 😉

Marie 🙂

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Easter Garden Vegetable Tray

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