Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to one and all!!!

I don’t know about all of you, but we’re pretty tired over here.  The kids are tired, this Mama’s tired, Jon’s tired.  We’re sooooo ready for the weekend!  Speaking of the weekend, we’re heading to my mom’s house tonight to spend the night and keep her company and then tomorrow we’re going to watch our niece and nephew play soccer…and it’s going to be in the 30s…brrrr!!!!!  I’ll definitely be busting out the winter coats!  After soccer, Jon and I are heading to Detroit to go and see The Killer’s!!!  We’re meeting up with some friends we haven’t hung out with in a loooong time and we’re PUMPED!

As for today, I’ll be packing, cleaning up the house AAAAANNNNDDDD…..I’m going to be the school mascot today at one of the school pick up lines!!!!  It’s going to be HILARIOUS!  Wish me luck on that one.  Bahahaha!

Okay, let’s get to Friday Favorites!


I made this Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board on Friday and it was so fun to make!  I still haven’t had time to actually watch Hocus Pocus 2…can you believe that?!  I had every intention last weekend, but time got the best of us.  Hmmm…I guess I’ll just have to make another Hocus Pocus Cheese and Snack Board…  Oh darn.  😉 😉 😉


I headed into Walmart yesterday and made an Instagram Reel in the dressing room about “Sweata Weatha!”  I was so nervous to post it, but I’m happy I did.  Also, I was FINALLY accepted into the Like To Know It Creator Program.  I’m not exactly sure what it is I like to post about – I guess everything, really! *shrugs shoulders*

My handle is Over at Marie’s on both LTK and Instagram and I’d love a follow…especially since I don’t have a single follower on LTK yet.  Ha!
Anyhoo, here are two of my favorites from Walmart!  Both are incredibly cozy and in my opinion, very classic.

Lots of creation has been taking place over here!
First up…
I shared these cute snack ideas on IG!  A Sharpie can work wonders!  I love the little brownie bats!

I also made a little Halloween themed play dough kit for Jane!  She’s been carrying this around everywhere!  She’s so good about picking everything up and putting it back in the bin, too.  So fun!

Oh and we painted ghost rocks…

…and other Halloween themed rocks!  The girls hid some in the park last weekend.  This was such a fun and easy activity!

Jane was looking adorable in her Matilda Jane this week for school.  So much of what she wears was Eliza’s and it’s crazy for me to see.  Also, I really need to match up socks – Jane’s don’t match in this pic, BUT she did manage to put them on herself so that’s a big win!  Haha!

My other sweet girl, Eliza, was voted Student of the Month!  I’m so proud of this girl.  She’s kind, respectful and hard-working.  Had I known we were going to take pictures on the night of conferences, I would have had her wear something else.  Her shirt is cute, but it was super wrinkly and I had bought it for Homecoming week for a themed Western day.  I mean, she’s still cute, but you guys get me.  😉
Regardless of a wrinkly and oversized shirt, we’re so very proud of her!

Anyone out there doing some early Christmas shopping?  This hot item is currently on a small sale.  Geesh, toys are expensive, but I’ll take any sale I can get!

A couple quotes for the week.  

There we have it!  So many Friday Favorites!
Thanks, as always, for stopping by, friends!
Marie 🙂
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  1. That snack board is fabulous! I have zero desire to watch Hocus Pocus 2 as I never enjoyed the first movie but I do love seeing all the cute snacks and girls' nights everyone is having!

  2. I'll have to come find ya on LTK! I don't ever use the app, I only use LTK to grab links for my blog, but it's on my list for 2023 to set up my profile on LTK and actually start using it like that more!

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