Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

First off, I’d like to thank so many of you for leaving such kind words about the passing of our beloved Nubs the Cat.  It’s been a week without him and my heart is still very broken.  I love this blogging and IG community so very much and each and every comment meant the world to me.

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, but I still wanted to make sure I documented our daily happenings.  I’m thankful for these Hello Monday link ups to keep me at it!
Thank you Sarah and Holly for hosting. 🙂
Henry and Eliza had their last day of piano lessons for the year and it feels so good that they’re two years in.  Some weeks of lessons have been easier than others, but one thing’s for sure, their teacher is the absolute best and we all adore her.  She’s the most beautiful and caring, loving and giving person you’ve ever met.  It’ll be good for the kids to take a piano break for a bit and then we’ll be back to it again in the fall…
I sat outside with a bird that the piano teacher’s children had found.  One of the kids placed it on my lap and well, it had a little accident in my lap.  Of course I was all dressed to go to Henry’s 5th Recognition Night, but I wasn’t too upset…but you best believe I did a good and thorough clean up.  This is why I can’t have nice things.  LOL!
Jane holding the ahem … “accident” culprit.  I’m not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but at this point of May, I was just rolling with it. 

*shrugs shoulders*
Henry had his 5th Grade Recognition Night immediately after piano.  Given he’s our first to go through the 5th grade, I wasn’t sure what this program would entail.  Well, it ended up being more of a graduation night and a very sweet one at that.  All the kids were recognized and they sang a couple of songs, something we, as parents, haven’t seen since these kiddos were in 3rd grade.  Only two of the 5th grade classes were presented and then the other 5th grade classes had separate recognition night times.  I’m not exactly sure how many classes there are, but I think our school has seven 5th grade classes.
It would’ve been nice to see all the kids together, but I get with space, that just wasn’t feasible.
We were very proud of our boy.
Henry won NWEA testing awards, the Good Sportsmanship Award and the Presidential Silver Award.  The last award was given due to his dedication to raising his math testing score by 27 points over the course of the year.  Our little man would come home after school and go to his room and work on math…he did this for months – we wouldn’t tell him to do it, he just would.  He’s working really hard and we’re really proud of his work ethic and dedication to learning.
Somewhere in there, Eliza had a quick Celebration of Learning Night.  Dinner was served and then projects that they had been working on all year were handed out.  I loved being able to get into her classroom!
Later in the midst of all the crazy, Eliza had a field trip to Sauder Village in Ohio – it was quite the trip!  I wasn’t allowed to take Jane, so Grandpa George drove to our house to help out for the morning.  We had so much fun and we loved getting to spend time together.  It did make me sad that I never got to go on this trip with Henry, but we’ll be going together again as a family.  I really enjoyed it and so did Eliza.  Also, it felt soooo weird to not have Jane with me in the car and for Eliza to be on a school bus for so long!

I only had one other boy to chaperone and it happened to be a nephew of one of my very favorite teachers ever!  I made sure he was nice and happy and tooootally bought him a hot dog and an item from the gift shop later in the day!
It was a little rainy, but nothing too terrible.

Eliza participated in Girls on the Run this year.  She stayed after school every Tuesday and Thursday to run and get to know other girls.  The Girls on the Run program recognized every girl in the program in our local area.  It was really great to see so many familiar faces from the community.

Race day rolled around on Saturday, May 28th, and we were up and leaving the house before 7 a.m.

Eliza and some of her besties!
Eliza did great and we finished the 5K in under 41 minutes.  🙂
After the run, I then raced home because I was crazy and had decided to participate in our neighborhood garage sale.  I actually had a super enjoyable time and the kids did, too.  Henry and Eliza and the neighbor boys sold lemonade and made over $100!!!  It was crazy!
They had so much fun!

Later in the day and on Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed time on the lake…
On Sunday night, Jon and I snuggled Eliza since it was her last night being 8!  She’d be turning 9 the next morning!
Alas, the next morning was a terrible morning.  We found my sweet Nubs and the day was such a blob of a mess.  I wrote up a little something about Nubs here.
We found Henry later in the day talking to Nubs where he had buried him.  It was a really rough day. 
We tried out best to be happy for Eliza.  I tired as hard as I could to hold it together long enough for her to have cake and open presents.
I feel like we owe this girl a do-over of a birthday.  As you can see, I was a hot mess…
The next day was Eliza’s field day and I had volunteered to run a station.  I didn’t want to go, but it ended up being the best thing for me.  Jane was my little assistant…
We loved seeing big sister!
Jane was a big hit!  I swear she talked to and hugged every single third grader!  This girl is a hoot, you guys!!!
My girls…
We were rewarded for our hard work with ice cream!
The kids’ last day of school quickly approached…
Eliza’s last day of 3rd grade…
Henry’s last day of 5th grade…
Jane will be attending preschool in the fall.
We stopped by Henry’s school to watch a few games at field day.  I didn’t have time to volunteer as I was packing for our summer trip.  It was so fun to see Henry and Jane was thrilled to see him, too!
Phew, what a bittersweet time of our lives. 
We’ve had the craziest of days, but some really beautiful ones, too.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Marie 🙂

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  1. What a busy and fun time of year! Don't you love it? I am crazy busy but soaking up all of the joy especially since we couldn't have this fun over the last few years!

  2. That's awesome that your kiddos are already 2 years into piano lessons! Ours never showed interest until recently so we are excited that Jacob is going to start taking lessons this week and Olivia is going to take voice lessons. She is dying to sing!

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