A Very Late Hello Monday

Happy Thursday!

Now, let me tell you, I’ve had this post ready to go practically all week, and while I missed the link up, I’m still going to go ahead and post it.

Let’s get to it!

Two Sundays ago Jon’s partner mentioned that he and his wife were heading out of town for the day and asked if we would be interested in using their pool since it was so beautiful outside.  Our neighbors were invited, too!  Given that it was such a warm October day and the fact that their pool is heated we took them up on the offer!  My neighbor Amy and I sat and caught up while Jon swam with the kids.  #momhack…bring a husband to do the work.  LOL! 😉

I still can’t believe the kids were swimming in a pool, in Michigan and in October!

That same day Jane found another worm.  This girl and her worms…

The kids’ school pictures came back.  I regret not having Henry in a collared shirt, but I was out of options and we seriously lack clothing stores around these parts so this is what we went with.
They sure are adorable though!  🙂
Our back room in coming along.  I ended up ordering two different sizes of the same rug design.  If this space had been a room/office by itself I probably would have chosen the smaller rug.  But given the fact that the slider leads out to the lake and the door next to the slider leads out to the garage, I opted for a larger rug to contain any future scratches, spills, dirt and crumbs.
I love, love, love this space so much and I told Jon if we were to ever move that I’m taking the room with us!
Jane and I attended yet another story time at the library…
Another ride on Sandy…
We made a trip to a local coffee shop and on the way Eliza thought it necessary to draw cat faces with marker on herself, as well as on her sister.
Never. A. Dull. Moment.
Eliza and I took part in a Witch Bike Ride in our little town and had the best time.  We’re already planning for next year.  We’ll definitely simplify our outfits and decorations so that the don’t fall apart like they did this year.
Witch Bike Ride Photo Dump…

We ended up riding our bikes to Henry’s soccer game and we were aaaaaalmost there when part of Eliza’s costume got stuck in the wheel of her bike and then we moved like molasses with only yards to go…  
Parenting:  The epitome of what it means to be patient. 
Cat snuggles took place at one point…

I attempted to get pumpkin pajama pictures of the kids and this is how Jane arrived.
Definitely not a pumpkin.  Haha!
I somehow coerced Jane into her pumpkin pajamas by way of food bribery.  😉
It worked.


My Very Late “Hello Monday” blog post!  Phew!  It’s not perfect, but I did it!
Thanks for following along!
Marie 🙂

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