Hello Monday

Aaaaaaaand it’s Monday!

Our weekend was a full one and I’m here to share all about it!
Also, before I begin, I’m so excited to have found this newest link up!  I used to link up for Hello Monday, but I had found that it had ended.  So I was grateful to have finally Googled “Monday blog link ups” only to find that Holly and Sarah had taken over the link-up party!  Thanks so much for hosting, ladies!
Our weekend started with a busy Friday morning of bussing the kids and our neighbor boys to school.  My neighbor usually takes our older sons to school earlier in the mornings for band, but she was on a trip with girlfriends in Nashville.  I was happy to help out so that she could whoop it up with her besties!
I managed to get in a little workout.  I’ve been working so hard!  I’m also halfway to a full pull-up!  This is huge in my little world!
Also, my new sports bra came and I LOVE it!
How it’s going…
Where I started…
Let me start by saying – this is a completely normal postpartum body and postpartum is beautiful – this was about a month after giving birth to our third baby, Jane, in 2019.  I stayed in a postpartum body longer than I had after my other two kids and the stress of virtual learning and Covid well over a year later didn’t do me any favors.  Month after month after month I felt so down, but I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and make things happen!
I’m so grateful for my new-found endorphins and ability to get around with energy!  I’m feeling stronger and I’m so dang proud of myself!
Anyway, back to Hello Monday…  😉
Later in the morning Jon worked on landscaping, while I tended to Jane and worked on adding another coat of Rub n’ Buff to our light fixture in our kitchen.
 Jon and I decided to take a break and head to get lattes and to see what was out at local Home Depot for our landscaping.  We found some Junipers, but we’ll be waiting another week or two for some Limelight Hydrangeas.  Come on, Michigan, do your spring thing!
We had some rocks delivered (for the landscaping) and afterwards Jon and I gave it some thought and came to the realization that those rocks may have to sit there for another good week or two.  Oops!
That pile is just going to sit there and judge us every single day, I just know it.  LOL!
Later in the day I picked up Eliza from school, Henry went to a friend’s house after school for a birthday sleepover.
It was Jon, myself and the girls, so naturally I suggested we watch a Disney Princess movie.
Pocahontas came to mind.
We made homemade pizzas and snuggled in on the basement couch and took it all in.
Jane loved it, and while Eliza was hesitant, I think she loved it, too!
Don’t mind the lotions in the background – it’s soooo dry up here in Michigan – the furnace is still running…well, depending on the day, I suppose.
I loved Eliza in this moment.  She’s such a spirited gift of an 8 year old!  I just love her.
The next morning was BUSY!
Jon went for a run and then picked up Henry from his friend’s house at 8 a.m.  His soccer game started at 9.  Luckily the mom at the sleepover got all the boys to bed at a reasonable time and fed them a delicious breakfast and then all the boys were off to their Saturday morning sport of choice.  Bahaha!
Jane was a rockstar while at soccer – it helped that the weather was phenomenal and much needed for our dry bodies.  I swear I could feel myself thawing out.  HAHA!
Eliza was looking adorable in Matilda Jane – I need to wash those shoes though – somebody remind me to wash her shoes! 😉

It was my friend, Sara’s 41st Birthday – so I made sure to share a picture of us on FB as an obligatory birthday post.  Here we are inside the schools back when our boys started Kindergarten. We were soooo excited to be part of the Boosters/PTO!
I was heading out with Sara and some other ladies later in the day to celebrate, but first I met up with an amazing new-ish friend, Lindsey, for a run out in the park.  We had dinner together back in December of 2019 and then the pandemic hit and we didn’t see each other forever, but we’ve made it a point to meet up and our outings continue to happen here and there and I’m so grateful for her friendship!
We talked and talked and managed to get in 4 miles!

I headed home, put Jane down for a nap, got through some laundry and started to purge anything and everything I could find in the house.  I recently came across a mom on IG who is removing 50% of the items in her home…and to be honest, I’m here for it.  I’m constantly picking up the same items that nobody plays with or I fold the same thing that isn’t actually worn or I have too many items saved for a “just in case” moment.  I”m over it and I’m really, truly ready to live with less.  I mean, I’ll still buy stuff (*shrugs shoulders*), but I need to get this house in order before I continue to buy or bring in more things.  You know, I need to become more intentional.
Here’s my weekend haul AND I added more yesterday!  Woo to the Hoo!  Goodwill, here we come!
Dinner time with Sara and a few new ladies I had never met!

So much fun!

We left for dinner at 4 (for a restaurant 30 minutes away) and I was back in my driveway by 8:50ish.  I dropped the rest of the ladies off at a local restaurant and headed home.  I never go out this much and I’m never away from the kids for this long, so as much as I loved some much needed Mommy adult time, my extroverted introverted self knew it was time to be home, showered and sitting on the couch with Jon.  Anyone else the same way?
On Sunday we woke up slooooowly.
Jon brought me coffee in bed – he’s so sweet – and the kids crafted.  I went through more items to purge and sorted the laundry.  It’s yet to be put away, I ran out of time, but it feels good to at least have it sorted.

After Jane’s naptime/quiet time we enjoyed a nice dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and then the two older kids watched an episode of Nailed It and an episode of The Floor is Lava.
It was a lovely Michigan weekend.  It’s about to get cold again for a few more days and then…only then will I put away the winter coats and store away the winter boots.
You.  Just.  Never.  Know.
Hahaha….*laughter turns into tears*

We do love Michigan, it’s just those last winter months can be ROUGH!
Anyway, it was a gorgeous weekend full of warm smiles and happy days!
Thanks, as always, for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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  1. I bet it does get so cold there. I love your new workout bra. I sooo need to get myself one, as I wear my super old VS ones all the time. I am glad that you got to go out this weekend and enjoy yourself.

  2. Our weather is not quite spring here yet either; at least not in any lasting way. We keep swapping out between A/C and heat and sun and cold/blustery days that feel almost like winter. I hate this long build up into spring but I am still buying shorts and tank tops and dreaming of summer anyway!

  3. I love that you got in so much girl time!! It's good for the soul! And girl, let me know who on IG is getting rid of 50% of their stuff… I wanna follow along! That is so inspiring! I did that purge back in 2019 and it felt soooo good, but I feel like we need to do it again because we just have too much stuff!

  4. Thanks! I was in need of a new workout bra, too! I tend to wear things from ten years ago thinking those things are only a couple years old! LOL! It's a great sports bra and super cute, too! Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it!

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