Hello Monday

Hey, hey, hey!  It’s Monday!
We had a busy week, but not as busy as usual, which I’m grateful for these days!
On Monday I continued to unpack from our ski trip and late in the afternoon, the kids had piano.  Tuesday and Wednesday must’ve been boring (the best kind of boring) because I don’t remember them, nor do I really have any pictures…just a bunch of screenshots.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Ha!
Thursday was a day we’ve been awaiting – Jane had her consultation with an allergy doctor on the other side of the state in Farmington Hills.  The appointment was to find out if she’d be a candidate for Oral Immunotherapy for her sesame allergy.  Jon took the day off so he could also go to her appointment.  I’m so happy he did because there was a lot of information to obtain.
After about an hour in the office and lots of conversation it was determined that Jane would indeed be a candidate!  WooHoo!
We’re anxiously awaiting her next appointment, which is tomorrow.  She and I will be leaving early in the morning in order to arrive for her 8:45 appointment.  I’ll be making a highlight on my Instagram for those of you who are interested on how this will work.  I’m a tad nervous, but I know she’ll be in the safest of hands.  We’ll be there for 3-4 hours until they determine the “dosage” of sesame she’ll be able to handle.  
On Friday we stayed close to home.  I cleaned, we worked out and Jon and I hung out with Jane.  The older kids arrived home from school and a princess dress arrived in the mail for Eliza.  She’s been begging me for some princess dresses and to be honest, sometimes I forget that she’s still little and only 9 and that she still wants to dress up.  I made sure to get something ordered and this was the only dress I could find.  Girly is in a size 16/18 and it’s been extremely difficult to find little girl play clothes for her.
The girls were happy and wore their dresses all weekend and this Mama was happy to see them happy…and actually playing together!!!
On Saturday I got in another workout!  I just keep gaining weight no matter what I do and it’s really frustrating…especially with spring break around the corner.  😉 UGH!
Anyhoo, I need to workout more…because honestly…nothing fits and dang it, I want it to fit!
I spent the afternoon deep cleaning.  I cleaned our shower, toilets, did laundry, vacuumed, swept and organized the kids’ bathroom…
I eventually removed the over-the-toilet shelving entirely.  It was becoming a landing place for random stuff that wasn’t even being used. 
I’ll be showing more ‘after’ pictures later.  This space is so tiny…it drives me crazy sometimes.
Later in the day we went to our friends’, Brandon and Liz’s house.  Brandon and Liz moved to the same town we currently live in about 6-7 years ago.  It’s weird because Liz and I grew up together (about two hours away from where we currently reside) and now she lives so close to us again.  She had these pictures in her keepsake boxes and geesh these sure did bring back memories!!!
Here’s a picture I didn’t even know existed!!!!  It’s probably one of our first pictures together in either 1999 or 2000!!!!
This was also the spot where we had our first kiss.  😉
Here we are in 2005-ish at a wedding.  Whhhhhaaaaaatttt?!  
It’s weird, I almost remember this moment like it was yesterday!  Jon was “painting” while at Liz’s childhood home.  LOL!!!!
I love this picture of him.  🙂

OMG!  I think this was me in 4th grade!  I was cracking up!

Sunday rolled around and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more!
It never ends.
I plan on running some errands for the rest of the day and catching up on the house…again.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
It means so much!
Marie 🙂
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  1. Ugh! I am having the same problem with weight gain and I just cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong! Your daughters look adorable all dressed up together.

  2. That is such great news that Jane is a candidate for Oral Immunotherapy! I've never even heard of that. I thought they only did it via injections. I pray everything goes well for her and that it's successful! Will definitely be following along on Instagram!

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