Prime Purchases

It’s Wednesday and it also happens to be….

Prime Purchases day!!!
Let’s jump right in!
I’m linking up with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road.

We’re hosting a plethora of people here in about a month and our house is going to be jam-packed.

We know one thing’s for sure, we’ll need coffee.  There will be a ton of kids, I’m sure some day drinking and late night bonfires.

Everyone will be needing coffee.

So along with our easy peasy normal coffee maker, we decided to invest in a single cup Keurig for those who may need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day or for those early risers. 😉

It’ll be nice for me too, so that I can finally use my Disney 50th Anniversary K Cups that I snuck home with me on our last trip to Disney World.  😉

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

My neighbors are Croc lovers.  I’ve only ever owned knock-off Crocs.  Being that we live at the lake with seaweed, rocks and goose droppings – Crocs are the way to go around here.

With that being said, these are currently in my cart and I’ll be ordering them later this week!

Crocs Men/Women/Child

Jane had a little allergic reaction to grass about a week and a half ago so we made sure to load up on the Benadryl.  We’re also preparing for a summer full of bug bites/stings of any/all kinds.  Consider this your PSA.  😉 Ha!


We ordered The Hobbit a bit ago and we’re so excited to start reading it!


Jon installed a dock flag pole and OMG – we’re loving it.  Our neighbors are, too.  In fact, the neighbor two doors down just installed her own flag pool – not on the dock, but on land and it looks AWESOME!  Our Ohio neighbors directly next to us will more than likely have theirs up soon, as well.  We have a Michigan flag hanging strong and I don’t think with their Ohio State University mindset that they can just sit and let that happen.  LOL!  It’s all in good fun!  I’m excited to see their pole go up!  Go Blue. 🙂

Flag Pole

We recently had Mommy and Me portraits taken and below is what I had ordered for Jane and it worked so well together!!!

Jane’s shirt

Jane’s dress

I bought this set of scissor skills for Jane.  I’m thinking I’ll take it up north with us this week.  It’s easy clean up and I just know she’ll love all the cutting…

scissor skills

That’s mostly it, well, unless you want to count Jon’s monthly supply of sardines again!  Yuck!
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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  1. I feel Jane on the grass allergies. My allergies have been awful for the last couple of weeks because the grass pollen started down here and it's been extra bad. Also, that little dress!! OMG. Just precious.

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