Eliza is 9.

 Nine years ago yesterday, our sweet Eliza came into this world.

I remember being so happy the day Eliza was born.

We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl.

I was happy being pregnant, I was happy while having contractions, I has happy during labor and I was happy in the days and years to come.

I remember coming home from the hospital and calling my parents a few days later to tell them how happy I was.  Eliza was next to me on the bed as I folded laundry and I just remember that moment of pure bliss.

It’s been bliss ever since.

Eliza has provided all of us with a go-with-it kind of spirit.  She’s brought noise into our home, and while sometimes it’s been at the highest pitch, it was/has been the most beautiful shrieking I’ve ever heard.  I’ve always said that Eliza is so alive.  She’s colorful.  She’s opinionated, artistic, funny and caring.  She’s a confident reader, she can water ski, snow ski, she learned to ride a bike and how to swim like it wasn’t a big deal, she can bake and she does it well.  Girlfriend potty trained and never looked back.  She’s quiet around others, but deep down she’s in deep thought – she’s got a fire in her.  In fact, on her first day of Kindergarten, Jon secretly whispered to me, and not to Eliza, “Give ’em hell, Eliza!”  LOL!  Of course we want her to be respectful to others and to be a good human, we were just excited to see what she was made of and she’s showing us every day…

I’ll tell ya’, she’s made of a whole-lot-of independence, empathy, kindness and she doesn’t put up with others or herself being treated unfairly.  She’s the kid that sticks up for herself and for others and I love that about her.  She knows right from wrong and she knows it well.

Girlfriend has always mispronounced words in the most confident of ways.  I try to write down what she was trying to say and the word that was used.  Nowadays, we correct her, but when she was smaller, it was THE best!

Jon and I also used to say that she was judging us with her eyes…and I still firmly believe this.  Her eyes say it all.  Her eyes tell a story.  You can see exactly what that girl’s thinking through those beautiful blue-ish/green-ish eyes.  

Eliza currently wants to be an artist/actress/singer/dentist/teacher when she grows up.  Ha!  Perhaps she’ll do it all, perhaps she’ll come across something that inspires her completely differently.

Girlfriend is intense.  We like to say that she’s been intense since the day she was born.  She came out with the cord wrapped around her neck and it took a while for the purple to leave her face.  Thank goodness, she was completely fine, but it’s as if the intensity began in the womb.

Her spirit is fierce.  Her fire is strong.  Her intensity is ever going.

We love this human with all of our hearts and we love what she brings to the table every day.  She makes us laugh and her actual belly roll giggles makes us laugh even more.  She’s an amazing little girl.

We’ve loved every year and every season with our Eliza and recently, eight year old Eliza has been so much fun.  We’re  excited to watch how her heart and mind will continue to grow.

We love you, Eliza Marie!  Always keep that fire – This girl is on fire!

Happy 9th Birthday, Sweet Girl!!!


Mom and Dad 🙂

Pictures in no particular order…

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