Five on Friday

Heeeeey let’s do this Five on Friday thang (even though it’s Saturday)!  😉
We had my twenty week ultrasound yesterday!
We’re not finding out the gender – we didn’t find out with Henry and Eliza either and we loved the surprise, but I’ve got to say, it’s been more difficult this time around.  I sooooo want to know what this baby is, but we’re sticking to our guns and waiting for that delivery room surprise!
Twenty weeks to go!!!
Okay, so I’ll show off this apple cider stand one more time!  😉
Click here to see how we made it and click here to see how easily I created that ‘apple cider’ banner.
So much fun!
I’ve been thinking a lot of my kids’ first Halloweens!  Oh how I miss those sweet baby faces.
Henry had two costumes his first Halloween – a lion and an astronaut.

We hosted a small Halloween gathering with some family that year.
Jon was Rambo???  I was a “Toddler in a Tiara.”  I miss not dressing up for Halloween – especially this year with my growing belly!
Eliza was a little piggy for her first Halloween (with a hat that was way too big for her head – still super cute though 🙂 ) and Henry was a stoplight – his request.  LOL!
Love these sweet faces…
We’re seriously thinking about remodeling our master bathroom before life gets crazy again.
The current state of our master bathroom is equivalent to that of a college fraternity.  Kidding.  Kind of…  ;P
There’s a hole in the ceiling that’s covered with cardboard and it’s been there since two days after Eliza was born.  We had a bunch of dead birds in the attic and creating a hole in the ceiling was the only way Jon could get rid of them.
We’ve also never been able to shower our our master bathroom – only take baths.  Yeah, so that’s always been a little frustrating.  However, we’ve lived with it like that since we purchased the house in 2007, so what’s a few more years, right?
Buuuuuuut, if we did end up going through with the remodel we’re considering eliminating the tub entirely and making a nice little shower area.  I looooove having a bathtub, but the kids’ bathroom/guest room will still have one and I think that’ll do.  I think.  If you have any idesas/suggestions for small bathroom spaces, please let me know.  I think I’ve pinned just about everything over on Pinterest…send help!  LOL!
Speaking of Pinterest.  I’m loving this idea.  Looooving it!
I couldn’t find the direct source to this picture, but it directed me here.

Aaaaaaand some funnies for ya…

Thanks for stopping by and showing some love!  Have a great weekend!
Marie 🙂
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