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Life Lately – Field Trips and a Birthday Party

Per usual our May is crazy, CRAZY busy!  I’ll try to keep this post not as wordy…wait, is wordy a word???

Eh…. *shrugs shoulders*
Ready, set, go!
Every so often I’ll sit with Little Miss and get in some snuggles.  Eliza’s been showing more and more of an interest in reading, so I’ve been trying to slow down, sit and read with her (more so than I had before).
Eliza’s class took a field trip to our Career Center farm.  I feel like we just went on this field trip with Henry’s preschool class…

Eliza was loving all the animals, although she wasn’t a fan of the pigs…

This sweet thing.
You guys, her personality cracks us up over here.  I’m love, love, looooving more and more every day.  Is that even possible?  She’s a great little girl!

Eliza loves to sit in Henry’s car seat while he’s at school.  We should probably get one for her as she’s basically the same size and weight as Henry.
Also, this is Eliza in her element; chocolate milk and coloring.  The life of Eliza, the four year old.  🙂

My WayDay order arrived!  You guys – these chairs!  I love these chairs.  I can’t wait to show you!

Henry’s school collaborates with Hungy Howie’s (a pizza place) once every month and 10% of all the proceeds go toward his school.  Our days have been busy, so I was pumped to eat out in the middle of the week, something we rarely ever do.  I decided to be WILD and get myself Jimmy John’s, too!
This was an exciting day for me…clearly…

A few days after letting loose and ordering all the food in town we ended up going out the eat again.
This time we used a gift card that Jon had received a while back.  I got myself a much needed Cosmo, naturally.  I’m starting to think Cosmos are my jam…

We celebrated Henry turning seven!
Birthday blog post coming soon!
In the meantime, here are a bunch of photos from his party…

A friend of Henry’s brought this cute balloon to his party.  My neighbor suggested putting it on the swingset, so I did just that!  I loved looking out my kitchen slider and seeing that pretty “7” floating around.  I meant to get a picture of Henry holding it, but of course, life got busy.  Gah!  I may have to get another one and snap a few pics sometime this weekend.  That’ll still count, right?

My new little niece came over, too!  You guys, I just can’t get enough of all the baby snuggles!

Henry loved playing with all his new toys…

That smilecan you say first grader?!  LOL!  I love it!

The last night Henry would be six.  Oh my heart…

As of right now, Mother Nature has decided to rain and rain and rain, but there were a few gorgeous days in there last week so Eliza and I visited the park as often as possible!  It felt soooo good to get out of the house!

Speaking of our house – we had a new roof put on!  We’ve waited yeeeeaaaars to get this done and can I just say that picking out a roof color was quite the challenge.  It’s so permanent and I was terrified that we’d make the wrong color choice.  Down the road we’d like to also change the siding, garage door, front door and shutters – but I wanted the roof to work for now AND for later.
So. Difficult.

While the roof was being worked on, Eliza visited the park again – gotta love that static electricity!

We also went on Henry’s class field trip to a local ice cream shop!

Eliza and I had so much fun…

…aaaaand by the looks of it, so did Henry!  I’ve never seen him get this messy when it comes to ice cream.  He usually doesn’t waste a drop of it.  At first I was looking everywhere for wipes, but then I told myself to just let it go and let him be a mess for the remainder of the day.  It was so hard for me to not get something to wipe him clean.
He was happy and that’s all that mattered…

Back to the house.  As we were getting our roof done, the concrete people showed up.  You guys, this all happened within one week.  It was crazy!  We knew both would be showing up sometime this summer and we also thought we had more time to make decisions…NOPE – we were wrong!
Needless to say, last week was NUTS!  Lots of changes happening over here!

The weekend arrived and we spent lots of time cuddling, the kids played “school” in our bed and I even managed to squeeze in a nap somewhere in there.
It was glorious.

Henry made a super fun letter maze for Eliza…

…and Eliza told me to take a picture of her “pretending” to write out letters.  LOL!

These kids keep us busy over here, that’s for sure!  I’m hoping to keep up my blogging this week!  Wish me luck, you guys!
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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