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Some Summer Happenings

Happy Monday, Friends!  I’m stopping by on this lovely Monday to share with you some of our life happenings over here.
Guess what?!  I went waterskiing!
Let me start by saying that for me living on a lake, I have this thing where I’m a tad anxious nervous terrified to be out in the water itself.  On the boat, I’m completely fine.  However, when I’m out there floating in the middle of the lake, I start to panic a little.  I just want the boat to start up and go as fast as possible to get me up and going and out of the water.
Once I let go of the rope, I close my eyes and try not to imagine the unknown of what’s underneath me……….
…………aaaaaaaaand this is exactly why I dislike scary tv shows and movies…and prehistoric looking creatures of any nature…AND those spiders that run across the water!  Yikes!
*lots of nervous laughter*
Anyhoo – I wanted to show the kids that Mama can get out there and be comfortable with the water (even if I’m not).  It was fun…until I let go and had to float there helplessly for what seemed like thirty minutes when actually only thirty seconds later Jon looped around and picked me up.
The things we do for our kids…  :0
Welp, it worked and both kids were ready to get out on the water by themselves for their first solo tube rides!
Henry was up first and he was loving it!
His confidence grew moment-by-moment.  He was hamming it up for the camera within seconds…

…then he did this – NO HANDS!

Next he started doing push-ups.

Eliza, of course, wanted to be just like her big brother.  We checked her life jacket 562 times and then she was off!
She mostly just held on with all her might for the entire duration of her ride whilst her golden locks bounced about.
Then Henry wanted to go again and did this………
After Henry went, Eliza was all, “I want to go again.”
Before I could even put my phone down after taking this picture, Eliza fell in the water.  You can kind of see in this photo the tube sort of dragging in the water.  Well, it took her with it.  Oh my goodness.

Girlfriend was, of course, upset.  But once she calmed down she wanted to go again and Henry volunteered to go with her.  It was their first tube ride together and might I add that they now have quickly learned how to hold on and lean back when we slowly come to a stop.

Oh my little human beings who gifted me with my fluffy belly pouch, how I love you!

Okay, so enough with Tubing 2017, let’s move on to a “kid” party we attended a couple weekends ago…
We stayed at this party for quite a bit.  We initially thought we’d stay for about an hour and a half, but the kids were having an amazing time, so we decided to stay much longer than we had originally intended.
Eliza was pleased as there was an abundance of snacks (girlfriend is ALWAYS eating), Henry loved playing with the hosts’ daughter, Molly, the kids swam in the lake and played on the inflatable slip-and-slide, Jon was comfortable in the shade and I was happy to sit down and breathe for a bit!  Oh and bonus, our awesome neighbors were there, too!  It’s always a good time when our awesome neighbors are around!

I managed to get in a four mile run the day after the party and boy, was it a hot one!
It was good I went running when I did since these two sweet children of mine kept me busy-beyond-belief for the remainder of the week.
On Monday morning alone I had a dentist appointment, dropped off some clothes at the dry cleaners, dropped off a rented movie, went to the bank, took the kids to our new children’s museum, headed to lunch in the downtown, came home for lunch, then headed back out to the grocery store since I needed to pick up a few ingredients for dinner.
Later in the day we headed over to my friends’ farm to pick up a chicken that she, herself, had raised and processed in her own yard.  The kids loved their yard and played their little hearts out!
Whew.  I was exhausted before noon on that day….but guess who wasn’t….

The next morning we were off to the library to learn about healthy eating and to grab some new books for the library’s summer reading program.

Don’t ask me what happened on Wednesday.  LOL!  I honestly can’t remember, but I’m sure it consisted of playing with the kids, chasing after the kids, reading to the kids, picking up after the kids, feeding the kids or you know…something to do with the kids.  I’m sure I put on some cartoons somewhere in there, too.  I’m going to go ahead and say it, thank goodness for cartoons!  
On Thursday we went grocery shopping and later in the day I thought it’d be fun to take the kids to our local splash pad.
I loaded up the towels, dry clothes and sun block and off we went.  It was hot and humid, so I had decided that I should not only cover the kids in sunblock, but rather, slather them in sunblock.  Their little bodies were smothered in that stuff.
Well, I made the mistake of putting lots of sunblock not only on the kids’ faces, but also on their foreheads.  Not long after we had arrived poor Eliza was crying, nay, screaming that her eyes were burning.  Being the awesome mom that I am I told her to wash the excess sunblock off with a little water from the splash pad.  She did so and came back to me and snuggled in my lap for a bit.  Henry complained a bit, too, but continued to play.  Eliza, once again, began to cry, but I encouraged her to get back out there, especially since I thought the water would help with her eye situation.
As she proceeded to walk over to the fountains, she thought it’d be wise to walk with her eyes closed.  She then walked, not once, but twice into the picnic table next to us.

“Oh great,” I thought, “More crying and now bruises…it just wasn’t this girl’s day.”
I then told her that when she’s walking she has to keep her eyes open (Oh, the life lessons…).  She then sat in my lap for a bit longer.  Finally, she went back out to the splash pad and wouldn’t you know it, she had her eyes closed yet again when suddenly her and another little boy smacked right into each other.  You guys, I felt terrible!  For her.  For the little boy.  Why we hadn’t left sooner, I have no idea.  I had so much guilt.
Sooooo, not so long story short:  It was a huuuuuge Splash Pad Fail.
To make matters worse, I hadn’t realized that Little Miss. Eliza had a little bump on her head (above her left eye) and from this picture you can see that her eyes were still a little irritated from the sunblock.  Ugh.  I was so upset with myself.
We ended up taking the kids out for some frozen yogurt later in the evening and it made things so much better….and I’m not just talking about for the kids.  Mommy was in need of that yummy goodness, too!
Oh, these are the days, am I right?!

After frozen yogurt, we read to the kiddos, I apologized profusely to Eliza, we snuggled for a bit and then Jon and I put the kids to sleep.  I then busted out this much needed charcoal mask…
FYI – I still look 34.

The next morning I had a hair appointment and it couldn’t have come at a better time!  WOOHOO!
My last hair appointment was way back in October.  I’m terrible with scheduling that kind of stuff, but I figured I could use a break.  My hairstylist helped to cover up all those grays that I had acquired from the weekend and day before…oh and I got a little trim, too!

The rest of the day consisted of boating and playing with the kids.  Later in the evening Jon made some delicious adult beverages and we played some Scrabble!

On Saturday morning, we took the kids to our local theater for a Popcorn Theater show!  They loooooooved it!
Some of their besties were there, too!

During the second act, Henry’s buddy, Redmond, came down and sat with Henry/Jon and I and Eliza went and sat with Redmond’s sister, Ashlyn, and their Grandma Kathy!  Gosh, they’re so cute!

Once home, I went for another hot and muggy run.  The sign at our local middle school said it was 92 degrees.

Whhhhhhyyyyy do I do this to myself?!
Answer:  Probably so I can take selfies of myself afterwards…because I think I’m hilarious.  😉

Later in the day we went to my girl, Sara’s house (AKA Redmond and Ashlyn’s Mom) for her and her husband’s annual Bounce House Party!  The kids bounced and ran around for four hours straight!
Eliza and her girlfriend, Adeline, were having a blast!

Sara made that ice cream and those cookies that you see there…and allllll the food for the party.  Everything was delicious, as always!
This ice cream sundae bar was a HUGE hit!

Aaaaaand finally….yesterday.  Ah, yes, Sunday……….the day of rest.  I did laundry, the kids played together, we gave thanks to our air conditioner, we all did some reading, and later in the evening we went out on the boat for some tubbing and headed over to the sand bar for a little bit of swimming.
It was a good day.  🙂
As for the reading, I was secretly taking pictures and videos of Henry reading in his bedroom.  He’s really starting to love reading, especially reading alone.  My heart could just burst, you guys!  

Take away from this blog post:  Don’t put sunblock on foreheads.
Marie 🙂
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