Hello Monday

 Hey, Hey, Hey!  Happy Monday!

This kids are off of school today, which is soooo nice.  However, we still have piano and Jane had her first virtual OIT updose appointment this morning.

Our week last week was full of lots of Valentine happiness and good days…

I’ve been working on making a gallery wall for this little spot in our home.  We really don’t hang up many pictures and I’m feeling the need for some cozy photos.  We used to have a bookcase here, but with the piano also being in the room, it was starting to feel cramped.  So we moved the piano over to where the bookcase was and moved the bookcase to the basement.  I’m still playing around with this space and hope to get actual photos in those frames, too!  LOL!  I’m the queen of not finishing projects, so this is on my to-list this week!

Eliza and I finished up her Mary Poppins Valentine’s box and we think it turned out really cute!  I realize this is a bit extra, but I was really surprised with how many kids didn’t make Valentine boxes in her class!
I took our neighbor boy, Warren, and had an extra friend, Ashlyn, to take to school on Valentine’s Day morning…
Jane had her preschool Valentine’s Day party and girlfriend loaded up on the goodies and basically ate everything in one sitting.  LOL!
I was sad that parents weren’t invited, but it allowed for me to decorate the kids’ doors!
Jane and I were able to attend Eliza’s Valentine’s Day Party – it’s soooo weird that Henry doesn’t get these parties anymore…and it’s even weirder that the last one I attended was when he was in third grade!

It makes me sad that I don’t have a single picture of Henry from this day, but he left early for school and then was in a tweenager mood the rest of the day.  He wouldn’t even wear a Valentine’s Day shirt.  It made me so sad!  Usually Henry is very positive, but he was definitely feeling a little down.
Later in the day, Chick Fil A came to our town for a fundraiser and you bet your bananas I was one of the first people in line!  I even texted Jon that if he wanted me to be his Valentine he’d buy me Chick Fil A!  LOL!  No chocolates or card for me, I was soooo happy with Chick Fil A instead!!!
Eliza on the other hand…  Oh my gosh, I’m still cracking up over how much she was done being in line.  She’s the one who wanted to go with me….all I can do is laugh…

Clearly she was thrilled…  Lawd help me through her teenager days…  
I took several selfies with the best Valentine’s gift ever!  Bahahahaha!
Throughout the weekend I ran and ran some more for a challenge I needed to catch up on – 50 miles of running by the end of the month.  I was able to log in just under 19 miles of running over the long weekend to catch up and I was super happy with that!
Also, it wouldn’t be a basement workout without a child or a husband needing me…
That’s it for over here!  Happy Monday, friends!!!
Thanks for following along!
Marie 🙂
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