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 Happy Friday!

Who’s excited about Hocus Pocus 2?!  We have our Homecoming tonight so we may have to watch it tomorrow, but oh man, am I excited!

We’ve been keeping busy over here with all the extracurricular activities and I’ve been crafting a lot…which has been so good for my head and my heart.

I’ve been finding so many good Halloween ideas on Pinterest and IG!


I haven’t blogged about this cauldron yet, but oh my gosh, look how fun!  I found a cauldron at Target, and then I used these green battery operated lights from Amazon and these shatter proof Christmas bulbs also from Amazon, a few eyeballs and hot glue and voila!  I had made a spooky witches cauldron!  Coming soon to a blog near you!  ;P

Next up, I found found this painting at Goodwill and added bats to make a spooky, cheap and easy Halloween decoration!  The painting was just over $6.00!

I blogged about it here – Goodwill Painting Made Spooky.

I made and blogged about these Rice Krispie Frankenstein Treats and look how adorable!!!  I’d absolutely love it if you checked these out or gave me a pin or a follow on Instagram!  Thanks so much, friends!


The kids’ piano teacher is amazing.  She’s either giving us handmade soap, making me a cup of tea or I’m either holding a baby or a little puppy!!!  


Check out these Walmart mugs I found at Walmart!  You guys, these were under $5.00 and they’re just so dang cool!  Go get yours!  Ruuuuuuun!!!!

Like I said waaaay up at the top, it’s Homecoming week over here!  Here’s a little sneak peek into our fun!  I’ll post about it more next week.  I love that Henry and Eliza are so willing to participate.  Here they are on Western Day!
…….and a picture of Jane after Preschool on Tuesday – no personality whatsoever!  LOL!!!

What a fun week!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’m excited to read what everyone else has been up to!  If you live in Florida or in the path of Hurricane Ian stay safe!
Marie 🙂
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  1. Those mugs are so cute! I almost bought the ghost mug when I was there the other day but I didn't and I've been thinking about it ever since. Must go back and get one. Haha! The kids look so cute for western day! I love it! And that last picture of Jane… nope, she's not sassy at all! LOL! Love her! Have a great weekend, Marie!

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