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Happy Fri-Yay!
Our kids don’t have school today and I’m so grateful because I feel like we all needed an extra day off from the hustle and bustle!  Who’s with me?!?
We had a nice week.  I crafted, Jon and I went on a date, I participated in Prime Days over on Instagram and I met up with a new friend!
Here…let me tell you more…  😉
Jon and I drove over to Detroit and met up with our long time friends, Damien and Laura, to see The Killers!  Oh my gosh – what a concert!!!  Honestly, we went thinking maybe we’d know a few songs, but we were up and dancing to almost every single one!  What a show!  I didn’t know everything word for word, but somehow, somehow, these songs must’ve been engrained into my brain in my youth because it all just came to me – like riding a bicycle!  Also, Detroit was so much fun to check out.  I used to go more as a little girl, but in my adulthood I haven’t frequented Detroit as much.  I absolutely loved the energy!
We stayed at a hotel that had housed the homeless back ten years ago and wowza!  What a transformation!  I’ll have to share more about this place next week!
Laura and I enjoying the concert after some cocktails and beer.  Haha!

I’m on our School Boosters Board and we’re putting on a buy-out fundraiser this month, so in order to help remind parents to send in some moola I had decided to don the school mascot and stand outside of one of the schools.  BAHAHAHA!  Two other people were supposed to join me but they couldn’t make it at the last minute, so I was left alone, but hey, the show must go on!  This was both exhilarating and terrifying.  Hahaha!  I put that bird head on and just went for it!!!  LOL!

Prime Days were so much fun and I’m so grateful for all of the shopping that ensued!  I wanted to share my new favorite top again here on the blog.  I wore it to the concert and it comes in lots of different colors.
Here’s something not from Amazon – it’s the most adorable 4 foot Christmas tree from Walmart for only $25!
Jane’s Halloween costume came in the mail.  Are you surprised at what she picked?!  Hahaha!  Henry and Jane enjoyed a little slow dance together right after I snapped this pic.  It’s rare that they enjoy quiet moments together but when they do, I soak it up.  
This girl has been rocking it at school and I remember just being so dang proud of her at this moment, so I took a picture.  She’s looking way too grown up.  Love her so much.
More crafting has been happening around these parts aaaaaand I’ve been featured a couple of time with my Spooky Goodwill Wall Art!!!  It’s been so exciting!
Here are two more creations from the week!  I’d love it if you gave these links a visit!

Me.  Every single time.  LOL!


My next crafting project…
Lastly, I bought all of these and my mind has been going wild with all the possibilities!  Stay tuned!  😉

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I appreciate every view and comment!
Have the most beautiful Friday, you guys!
Marie 🙂
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