Five on Friday!

Happy Friday!  I can’t believe it’s mid-November!  How can that be?  I also can’t believe that it’s already Friday!

Let’s get to the par-tay!


Al Roker came to our town for Rokerthon 2 and it was pretty cool!

Check it out here!
If you haven’t noticed, things look a little different around here on the ‘ole bloggity blog.  I finally, finally bought my own domain and I also purchased this cute little template for my blog.  Oh and as you can see, I stayed on Blogger.  This decision only took me three years!  LOL! 😉
I adore these signs from House of Belonging.  I’d love, love, loooove to have one of these signs in our home.  *hint hint* <—Ahem – cough!  Jon?!
- find the COURAGE to completely own YOU today - Knowing the you "you" are meant to be...the YOU God says you are is a process. to get from point A to point B is the day to day tests to train you INTO that person so let us embrace the trials of this moment and offer them up as worship...there IS only one YOU -- it is in Jesus that we find out who we are ( Ephesians 1:11) ...not by trying to copy her story or be her voice but rather embracing who WE ARE becoming! We are made WHOLE and HOLY by His:
So excited for my new signs! I bought the chalkboard from @2540love at @pursuitcommunity conference. I've been looking for a nice sturdy framed one for our kitchen and absolutely love it. It will be used for our dinner menu and sweet little notes. I'm in the process of reworking the gallery wall in our living room and I just love @houseofbelonging signs. This one is perfect for our little farmhouse and I can't wait to hang it. This is my third sign from them and they are beautiful.:
Have you ever heard of Smart Tile?

Last week, Little House of Four shared her “spur of the moment kitchen update” and used these peel-and-stick tiles.  You guys, my mind was blown.  Officially blown.  What a great idea!  Her kitchen looks amazing and you’d never know the tile is peel-and-stick!

Seriously genius.

AWESOME! Update your kitchen with a no mess, no fuss tile backsplash from Smart Tiles - Little House of Four



Haha!  So funny!

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

Have a great weekend!

Marie 🙂

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  1. MARIE!! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! You finally did it!!!! And now you're making me jealous because I want to buy my own domain, too! Problem is, I have no idea where to start, how to move everything over, and blah blah blah. You should totally do a tutorial on how all of this worked. Or if you don't, just expect a lot of emails from me when I finally try to do mine. Hehe.

    Girl, it looks fantastic! Have a great weekend!

  2. YES! I would love an email from either (or both) of you girls! I've been wanting to do the same thing, but just haven't had time to research how to do it. I'm just so worried that something will go wrong and I'll lose all of my history or something. I'm sure that's not the case, though. ;o)

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