Five on Friday!

Hey all!  Happy Weekend!
I’m a little late to the party so let’s get right to it!
Henry finally caught his first fish!
We had spent a total of approximately eight hours over two weekends in an attempt to catch one fish. 
We were soooo happy for our little guy! 
In case you’re wondering, Nemo, as the fish was named, was sent back into the lake.
We had a great time!
This is how I found Eliza napping earlier this week. 
She’s hilarious even when she’s sleeping!  Love her.
Can I just say that I want all the wallpaper?!  I want to bathe in it…I want to comb its hair…I want…wait…did it just get weird?  Anywhooooo…..
So, here’s the deal – Jon and I recently visited our local Sherwin Williams store to purchase some paint samples, we came back home with three paint samples and three wallpaper books!  EEK!
I’m beyond excited about the idea of wallpaper in Little Miss. Eliza’s big girl bedroom.
I’m leaning toward the top one.  Which one is your favorite?
Oh and of course the kids saw the paint samples and wanted to help.  As you can see, Henry removed his shirt, because apparently that’s what painters do – he was so excited.  LOL! 
Now, let me just say – this was a nerve-wrecking moment.  Seriously, paint and kids can be a mess sitting at a table in a controlled environment.  AmIRight?! 
Now imagine both children running across a completely unprepared room while holding fully loaded paint brushes.  I was terrified they were going to paint the floors, the windows, or each other.  Luckily, it ended well.  Phew!  No windows, doors, or cribs….or children were painted during this operation.
Speaking of Henry and Eliza…
How in the world are they both big enough to do this?? 
Gosh, this was a beautiful day.  The month of June has been a rainy one here in Michigan.  There have been few days like this………….
A few days ago I blogged about my homemade-chalk-paint and stenciled-number-chairs!
Check it out here to get more deets!

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Thanks party peeps!
Marie 🙂

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  1. I love everything on this post. I love the lighting shot you have with your new amazing chairs. I love both shots you have of Eliza (the napping one clearly – and the one of her loving her playground fun). I would probably be panicking if they were painting too – so glad it turned out well. Have fun creating the big girl room – Im sure you're going to do an amazing job!

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