DIY Halloween Tomato Cage Witch

Let’s make a DIY Halloween Tomato Cage Witch!

This project began just before sunset so it was definitely a race against time to figure out what I’d be doing! Not to mention that I had to enlist one of kiddos to become my photographer and videographer!

I knew I wanted the base of my witch to be in this pot of dirt that once housed some lettuce from my mom.

I added a tomato cage and was sure to press it all the way into the dirt.

Next, I added another tomato cage, but placed it on top of the bottom one upside down.

I used some handy dandy zip ties to secure the two tomato cages together.

Next, I secured the top of the tomato cage together by using a rubber band (one literally from my hair – it was a race against time, remember?! LOL)!

I then added a black plastic table cloth from a dollar store and poked it through the top of the tomato cage.

A “waist” was added after tying some black rope around the mid-section of the tomato cages.

This foam head was then added to the top of the cage. I just stuck it right on and into the cage!

I found this foam head for a dollar at a thrift store, but Amazon sells them here and Walmart sells them here. Also, check your local Hobby Lobby!

I added these green battery-operated lights and wrapped them around the head. A little duct tape was used to ensure they stayed in place.

After wrapping the lights around the head, I then added black mesh to flatten everything down and to soften the look of the lights.

This witch needed something around her neck and shoulders, so a sort of “fluffy sleeved cape” was created with more rubber bands (Jane’s this time Haha!). I tied them on and then tucked them under.

It was quickly getting dark! This witch was looking fancy with her new faux bow, shoulders and cape!

The sun was setting, a witch hat was added and we had ourselves a spooky witch to watch over us through our deck windows! In fact, she keeps scaring Jon when he walks by… mission accomplished. 😉

This DIY Halloween Tomato Cage Witch has been a great addition to our Halloween decor. I literally made it as the sun was setting – it was that easy and fast.

Thank you so very much for stopping by! Tag me on Instagram if you make one of these (my feed is on this blog – I’m Over at Marie’s on IG). I’d love to see some more tomato cage witches out there!

Marie 🙂

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