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Date Night in Detroit

Two weekends ago Jon and I went to Detroit to meet up with some long time besties, Damien and Laura.  We went out to dinner and attended The Killers concert!
Driving into Detroit was so fun!  I used to go with my family when I was little.  We’d go to Joe Louis Arena for boat shows, we’ve stayed at the Renaissance Center, we’d go to Auburn Hills to watch the Pistons and one time we even sat in the owner’s suite due to my dad selling Pepsi products for his stores – it was so fancy!  I also went to watch the Detroit Tigers from time to time!  I have a lot of fond memories of visiting Detroit, but as we all know, Detroit kind of wasn’t the most desirable place to visit for a loooong time…and let me tell you something, my friends…  the-times-are-a-changing!
The energy we felt in the downtown was spectacular!  Everyone was so kind and energetic!  There were beer trolleys, weddings galore, photographers and people on the streets cheering everyone on!  I kid you not, people were cheering everywhere!

I watched a Tik Tok discussing Detroit as a new and upcoming place.  The city is vibrant and isn’t overwhelmed with people (well, not yet)…in a good way.  It was easy to get around.  We walked, we UBERed and we valeted.  Everything was easy.  The dedication to the revitalization to this city is remarkable.
Our hotel, Element Detroit at the Metropolitan, was abandoned, falling apart and was housing the homeless just 10 short years ago.  To see this space now compared to what it was not too long ago is mind-blowing.  The area around this hotel consists of bars, particularly The Monach Club housed rooftop of the hotel, H&M and Lululemon, just to name a few.  It was lovely…
I arrived in my Mommy soccer uniform with Mommy luggage…  Haha!
Jon and I cleaned up…
Jon sat in this…couch seat thingy…  Haha!
…and he took an opportunity to flex.  LOL!  If you know, you know. 😉
We took a lot of pictures of ourselves sans children.  Hahaha!
Here are some pictures that I found within the hotel OF the transition of hotel…  That was a funny sentence.  

We met up with Damien and Laura and headed over to our dinner reservations at the Grey Ghost.
The.  Drinks.  Were.  Strong.
So much so that I didn’t even drink my second cocktail.  It was somewhat of a waste, but had I drank it I think I would’ve been down for the night.

Jon’s meal…

My meal…
Finally a picture of us all together!

Selfie at For the Love of Sugar!  We bought coffees and desserts.

Here we go!  This was my first time in Little Caesars Arena!!!  This venue houses concerts, the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons!  It’s amazing!!!!
Another selfie but this time with a photobomber, I thanked him afterward!  LOL!
Laura and I enjoying the concert!  

Me enjoying this Bud Light!
This concert was AMAZING!  I thought maybe I’d know three popular songs, but apparently The Killers music has been engrained into my head in my youth because I was up and dancing and singing along for almost the entire show!  Who knew!?!
Brandon Flowers nailed it!  Jon and I would love to go see The Killers again!  Soooo good!

Yes I did.
I took a selfie of myself in the bathroom when I had nowhere to put my beer and look – A BATHROOM BEER HOLDER!  WHHHHHAAAAAAATTTT???!!  I sent this picture to friends.  LOL!  I’m not sure if that’s what it’s actually for…is it?  Please tell me if not.  Bahahahaha!
After the phenomenal concert we ended up at a bar across the street from our hotel, The Brakeman, and look, we wore wristbands and I felt 22 again! 
Beer Tokens!
Loved the drink menu!

The walk down to the bathrooms!

The walk up from the bathrooms!

Marie after too many drinks!

This alley.  It was a bit chilly outside so a lot of people were inside, but oh my gosh, how cute!
It was great night in Detroit and a great time catching up with friends!  
Jon and I have another concert in a couple of weeks, Smashing Pumpkins, and we’re already planning out so much!  We can’t wait to go back to explore more of what Detroit has to offer!
Thanks for stopping by!  It means so much!
Marie 🙂
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