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Happy Monday, friends!
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have another gift guide for all of you today!
Woo to the Hoo!
Today, I’m sharing with you a gift guide centered around what Santa has planned for Eliza, our 8 year old daughter.  Hopefully this guide can help with the 8-ish year old girl in your life!
Let’s get to it!

1.   American Girl Truly Me Doll – Eliza has suddenly taken interest into American Girl this year.  She played with these dolls years ago, but she had abruptly stopped.  I’m fairly certain that having a little sister who also seems interested in dolls has something to do with her new found love of these dolls.  I’ve got to tell ya, it makes this Mama heart skip a beat.  With that said, these Truly Me Dolls and their cute little details are perfect for an older little girl.

2.  Hunter Boots – We love our Hunter Boots over here and we wear them all the time, even if it’s not raining.  They’re easy to slip on when gardening, running out the door in a hurry and rain boots give Jane the ability to maintain her independence by putting on her own shoes.  I love the quality of Hunter Boots and I’m eagerly awaiting when Jane can wear Henry and Eliza’s green and bright pink pairs that once adorned their precious little piggies. 

3.  Barbie Dream Closet – Eliza has always loved playing with Barbies and this Barbie Dream Closet has her name written all over it!  Bonus – It comes with thirty pieces!

4.  LED Skateboard – I mean, a skateboard is one thing, but an LED skateboard is an entirely different level.  Okay, maybe not, BUT it has lights and Santa couldn’t resist.

5.  Jewelry Box – A jewelry box will make any little girl happy.  Even if it’s filled with paper bracelets and necklaces made out of tape.  Anyone else find homemade jewelry everywhere in their home?  Love it.

6.  Unicorn Squishy Kit – Okay, so this is something Santa never would’ve thought to gift, but thanks to YouTube and all the random videos that exist, Santa now knows all about Squishies.  There’s a girl, a full grown woman actually, who collects hundreds of these and just talks about them.

Santa is 38 in elf years and knows about these…thanks, YouTube.  LOL!

7.  Pink Roller Skates – Eliza has been using my old rollerblades since summer and it’s about time she get a pair of her own special roller skates…and look – they light up!

8.  Helmet, Knee Pads and Elbow Pads – This is self explanatory and 100% needed with all the wheels that have been listed thus far.  😉

9.  Makeup Kit – Now while I don’t allow Eliza to wear makeup to school, she sure does like being creative and giving makeovers.  The reviews mentioned that this kit is actually a pretty decent quality of makeup.  Guess we’ll be finding out… 

10.  Gem Kit – I’ve been seeing these for the past year and Santa thought it time to give these gems a go.  Does anyone else have these?  I think I’m going to enjoy this craft just as much as the kids!

11.  Sewing Kit – This sewing kit looks adorable and I can just envision Eliza making these and then handing them out to her friends.  

12.  Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron – Okay, so this is supposed to be a hot toy for the season.  Santa saw an influencer post about them way back at the beginning of October and said influencer told the world to buy one, so it was ordered immediately.  She mentioned that they’ll be difficult to get and boy, if she wasn’t right.  Santa won’t even have this in toy storage until end of November.  I may not be an influencer, but if you want this, and it’s in stock, be sure to add it the your cart ASAP!

13.  Bath Bombs – Bath bombs are so much fun and these little toys are the cutest ever!

14.  The Puffin in Bloom Collection: Classic Books – We’ve been looking at some new books for Eliza to read for quite some time now.  We’re almost done with the Harry Potter series and these classic books will be perfect change of pace for our little dreamer.  

15.  Slime Kit – Lastly, slime.  If you know, you know.  I never thought so much of my adult life would involve slime, but here we are!  LOL!

Yay!  If you made it this far, thank you for your support!

Happy Shopping!

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