Hello Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!

I haven’t joined in on the Monday fun for a bit, so I thought I’d recap our short weekend and see what everyone else has been up to!

Friday was my 39th Birthday!  Friday was also a half day for the kids as they kicked off the start to their Spring Break!  All I asked for for my big day was to eat at the new Chick-Fil-A up the road.  The closest Chick-Fil-A used to be an hour, so with this newest location it was “only” going to be about a 35 minute drive AND it’s located right next to a Starbucks!  These are big things in my world!  Bahaha

We went to Target and TJ MAXX, too.  It was so nice to walk around and get ideas for the house.  Eliza tried on clothes and we bought her a new comforter for her bed.  Jon and I bought two soap dispensers.  Wild, right?!  LOL!

The kids and Jon made me some brownies and sang, “Happy Birthday.”  It was really nice.


Girlfriend was loving these new jumpers – Hello 1990s!

Here’s a picture of the entire bedding set from Target.  We purchased the comforter with the flowers and ladybugs on it.  Eliza and I are now looking for cute pillows and sheets.  I plan to post more about her bedroom soon!

My sister sent me these chocolates!  Godiva is delicious – thanks again, Kimmy!  The kids and I ate all of these within 24 hours!  Poor Jon never even got one.  Oops!

Then…  you guys, to my surprise, Jon bought me a gift!

Let me start by saying that Jon and I never really buy each other gifts… with the exception of Christmas and even then we only get each other maybe three gifts.  

I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING.

So, as Eliza brought over a big gift bag, I kind of thought it was a joke, my birthday does fall on April Fool’s Day, after all.

I started to open it and saw a tag and I just started to cry…if you’re new here, I cry a lot.  LOL!

It was a Coach purse…and a Coach wallet!!!!!!

I’ve never had a purse that wasn’t purchased from the grocery store, okay, maybe one from Younkers when it was on super sale.  My wallet is from Goodwill that I had purchased years ago and said Goodwill wallet was falling apart!

I was just so amazed.  I’m not a flashy person, I’m loud, but not flashy LOL, so I told Jon that I was almost embarrassed to wear it.  I love the colors.  I love that it can still hold a diaper or two and I love that it’s a cross body.  With kids and this memory of mine, I still need a cross body.  I’d lose a shoulder purse in a matter of minutes!  Haha!

Anyway, I haven’t even used this yet and it’s currently hanging in my bathroom by my robe and pajamas because I’m too scared to change everything over. 

*face palm*

I hope I’m not boasting, I’m just beyond thrilled and nervous about owning such a nice purse! 

On Saturday we stuck around the house.  I went for a much needed run outside since it was a little warmer.  It was so good for my soul to get outside with my thoughts.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning and relaxing.

On Sunday I skipped my workout and we went geocaching for the first time!  I’ve been wanting to do this since Henry was one!  He’s now ten.  Hahaha!

The kids absolutely loved this!  We already can’t wait to discover more while on trips throughout Michigan this summer!

Here’s a picture of Jon holding up Jane and her looking in the wrong direction.  We thought it was so funny! 

Looking inside…

Jane brought her binoculars…
I need to make stickers or a stamp!

Our most difficult find.
We were in this space for an easy 30 minutes and we were about to start digging up some bricks until we decided to look up!

Another fun location…
After geocaching we went for a fun Sunday drive and then we came home and I cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, picked up the basement, did the dishes and made dinner.  
Today we plan on getting haircuts and hopefully snuggling up on the couch on this rainy and gloomy spring day!
Happy Monday, friends.
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂

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