Hello Monday…per usual…on a Tuesday! ;)

Hey, hey, hey – It’s Tuesday!

Does anyone else feel like these last couple of weeks have just flown by?  It’s like January lasted five years, then it was February for a couple of weeks and now it’s March!  Wowzer!

Our week started last Monday with our local theatre showcasing their upcoming show to a bunch of schools in the area.  The show is a musical – Peter Pan – and Eliza is Nana the Dog and Chef the Pirate!  She’s absolutely loving it!  Jane was my little buddy all day as we traveled from school to school and we even met up with lots of friends along the way!

The kids rehearsing before the 4th graders arrived…

I found a seat up against a wall for back support…

Eliza’s beste, Ashlyn…

Our neighbor brother, Warren, Jane and Ashlyn!
I grabbed a picture with my girl!

Adeline is Peter Pan.  I remember holding her when she was just a newborn.  Time flies.

We went to Miss. Sara’s school!  Jane loved seeing her Miss. Sara!

On Tuesday I took the kids to school, finished up my 50 mile running challenge for the month of February and ran some errands.  We had been waiting on Jane’s sesame water to arrive in the mail.  We had a virtual appointment that day at 3, but the new water that I had ordered a week before still hadn’t been delivered.  I went to pick up Jane from preschool and called the allergy clinic.  They informed us that it had been sitting on their counter for a week and had never been sent.  OY.  I wonder if it had something to do with the Monday before being a holiday and the huge ice storm we had.
Our sesame water we had was about to expire and we really didn’t want to get behind with this therapy.  I asked the receptionist about my options and he mentioned waiting a week, but I needed the newer up dose of sesame water, or to come into their office…which is 2 hours away.  I’ve been going to these appointments early in the morning before going virtual because it’s at least a five our roundtrip.
I decided to drive over… at 11 o’clock.
I grabbed Jane from school, headed home to grab snacks for her, grabbed her tablet and had her use the potty and we started our journey over to Farmington Hills.  I had to plan for the neighbors to pick up Eliza from school, I had to call the school to let them know, then I had to text the director for Peter Pan to let her know that Eliza would be a few minutes late, because even if everything went perfectly, my arrival time back at home was exactly 4:30 and her rehearsal was at 4:30.
Phew.  It was nuts and I was exhausted.
Everything went extremely well and I brought home extra bottles of Jane’s water.
I even managed an online order for Starbucks on my way home and Eliza was somehow only 7 minutes late for rehearsal.  I still don’t know how I managed that.
This was my only picture from the day due to the craziness!!!
On Wednesday, we needed groceries AND an oil change, tire rotation….aaaaaaand as I was driving home the day before from Jane’s appointment, I ended up taking a rock to my windshield…and so it goes…
So I had to get that repaired, too.
Grocery shopping with Jane is always a good time!  LOL!  She’s a hoot!
We had dropped off the car to get all fixed up, grabbed some groceries that I couldn’t put in my online order and then walked back to Belle Tire to sit and wait.  Jane had a doughnut and some little candies while we waited and oh my gosh, she talked up a storm to those in the waiting room.  Normally I’d tell her to sit and let everyone just relax, but everyone seemed to really enjoy her company and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never seen her talk so much and be so funny, perhaps it was the sugar.  LOL!  She’s wasn’t wild or running around, but instead was having great conversation and I loved it so much…it was a different Jane that I’ve never seen before and it was really, really special to witness and take in.

She was quite entertaining!!!!  LOL!!!!

Here she is telling everyone everything…

On Thursday Jane had school again and I was excited to get a moment to relax.  I found some week old snacks in her backpack that she had packed, unbeknownst to me.
Thank goodness she didn’t eat this stuff!

She made this cute Dr. Seuss hat and oh how I remember Henry wearing the same hat.  My heart…
Later that day I used her foot for an IG Reel.  I promise she was more excited than this picture shows.  Bahahaha!

It turned out great!
Henry finally sat down to relax somewhere in the week.  All he does is work, work, work.  He usually does homework from the moment he arrives home until way past bedtime.  It’s nice to see him take a break once in a while…

On Friday the kids didn’t have school due to an incoming snow storm…that didn’t arrive until about 3 that day…
I have some opinions on that one…. ;|
We took the kids to Home Depot and they made “hamburgers” like from the show, Bluey, by using paint samples.  Surprisingly, they had fun.

Henry decided to sell candy bars for school.  If he doesn’t sell them all then I have to pay for the box, so I told brother that he’s selling all of them.  Ha!
He also received this golden ticket, but I think it won’t matter prize-wise, unless all the candy bars are sold…

On Saturday, Jon and I headed to see Flogging Molly in Grand Rapids with our friends, Damien and Laura!
We had soooo much fun!  Here’s a photo dump!!

There were lots of guys in Kilts…

I’m exhausted just reliving this.
I’m hoping this week is a little slower.
Thanks soooo much for stopping by!  It means so much!
Happy Tuesday, friends!
Marie 🙂
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  1. Wow! You amaze me at all that you accomplish. Jane is very lucky to have you for a mom. Kinda wish I was in that waiting room-she sounds hysterical! Your event looks fun 🙂

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