Lake Michigan Getaway 2017 – Part Two

Okay, so on to our Lake Michigan Getaway Part Two!
Friday was another beach day.  It was cloudy, windy and a tad on the chilly side.  But we made the most of the morning and beached it up!
My sister managed to grab the boogie board from the garage of the rental house.  When I saw it I thought two things.  First, “Oh, the kids will love that!” Second, “Oh, I’M going to love that!”
Cleary my sister shared the same boogie board enthusiasm.

It was time to play!

Here I am giving my best boogie board hang ten pose.
My sister was boogie boarding too and so was her son, but, unfortunately, I was out in the lake with them so I don’t have any pics of them catching some waves.  But, let me just tell you that we both shrieked with excitement anytime either of us rode in a wave!
Henry ended up giving it a go and he was loving it!

After living it up out in the lake, we were ready to warm up and head into town!

But not before my sister and I attempted to be like those people on your Facebook thread who take pictures of themselves doing handstands while on vacation.  We most definitely weren’t making fun of them or anything, just trying to do handstands like they do…because it’s fun.
This took us many attempts…okay, by us, I mean me.  Kimmy was rocking her handstands.  Perfect 10 if you ask me!
This was as good as I could get.  Haha!  We promised each other then and there that we’d attempt beach handstands the next day…because we apparently still think we’re twelve.
………Aaaaaaaaaand because we both secretly and desperately wanted to be part of the 1996 U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team!  Hello, Kerri Strug?!  😉

Just living out our childhood dreams…

Town time and there’s that pose again.
Oh and look!  You can finally see  Eliza’s cute little kitty rain boot inserts.

Oh my gosh, and isn’t this such a classic cousin photo?!  My heart could just melt.

A couple times during our stay, the kids would gather together and put their hands together and then scream, “One, Two, Three!  Attack!”  They then would “attack” the adults by basically just slowly running over to each parent.  Oh to be a kid…

After the “attack” we managed to get Henry to take a picture of us adults.  It’s pretty cool when your six-year-old can do stuff like that, isn’t it?!  Ha!

And we were off…

We all got ice cream this time around, we made another visit to the toy store and window shopped yet again.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the house.  These kids sure did get in their exercise!

After dinner my sister and I biked to a beach north of us, North Beach, and went looking for beach glass.  I’m happy to report that we both found some!
My sister lost her first one she had found, but then somehow on our walk back to our bikes she miraculously found the one she had dropped.  Talk about a needle in a haystack! She also found a very cool teal-colored piece of beach glass.  So fun!
This was, by far, one of my favorite things we did while on vacation!

On our way back, we saw a crazy ultralight practically doing flips extremely close to the shoreline.

At one point I thought they were going to crash and apparently so did the woman sipping champagne  at her table outside of her motorhome (ummmm…. #lifegoals).  She yelled to the man to, “Be Careful!”  For some reason Kimmy and I found it to be quite humorous.  It was toooootally something our Mom would’ve said (Love you, Mom!).
But seriously, these people are awesome and I want to be just like them when I grow up.

Once we were “home” another delicious drink was in order after all that hard work searching for beach glass…and for the stress caused by watching that ultralight!  Geesh.
It was, after all, our second to last night of vacation!
Saturday had arrived and as promised, Kimmy and I got to work on our handstands.
Wait a tick-tock-second – Did I even go on this trip with Jon?!  Oh my gosh!  I really DID spend most of my time with my sister!  
Ha!  Oh well.
Anyway, handstands.
Here are just a few of my many, many fails…

Then – BAM!!!!!  HANDSTAND!!!!!
Here’s my sister’s amazing handstand!

Then we said, “Hey, let’s try doing our handstands at the same time,” because we’re thirty somethings going on thirteen…remember? …….and because – Dominique Dawes!!!  We’re just trying to live out our dreams here, people!

Not even close.

Got it!

I was totally going to to try and edit this picture due to my booty being up front and center, but you know what?!  I said, “Eh, forget-about-it!”  We were so excited about getting this shot, why ruin it by making it something it’s not, right?!  So, I’m keeping it authentic…cellulite and all!
For those of you who read these Lake Michigan Getaway posts every year, you know it wouldn’t be complete without a sand castle constructed by yours truly.  Okay, so this one isn’t really that great, but I had to document it nonetheless.  
Oh my gosh, and check out this sailboat way out yonder!  Isn’t that awesome?

I busted out my new Amazon Basics Tripod and snapped some pics of the fam.

Our last day at the beach was a success.  We went back to the rental and headed into town for one last visit to the toy store.
I managed to spot these floors while in town…because I guess I have a thing for floors…

This guy grew a mustache…

…and kept it on for pretty much the rest of the day.

These boys wanted a cool picture.

“Cool Picture.”
I can only hope they re-enact this in 15 years.

With it being our last night in SoHa, we ordered pizza, played ladder toss and the kids played soccer in the backyard before it was time to eat.

Blurry, but had to document it!

The husbands brought back the pizza and I guess our two little families were pretty darn hungry!  :O
The rest of the night looked like this…

…and a lot like this…
I’m fairly certain that all the kids had an amazing vacation.  They all got along so well (as they always do) and they played their little hearts out every single day.  My sister and I had an amazing time and I’m pretty sure those husbands of ours did, too….wherever they are…kidding.  Ha!
Thanks for sticking around to read all about Marie and Kimmy’s Summer Vacation our Lake Michigan Getaway!  Sending you lots of virtual sunshine and summery thoughts!  😉
Marie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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