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It’s Moooooonday and I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday!

We started off our weekend by dropping Henry and Eliza off at school and then we were off to get some landscaping done!

First up, rocks.
We rented a trailer and headed over to a landscaping business to pick out rocks.  Now, is it just me, or do rocks become waaaay more interesting with age?  I swear I could spend an entire day looking at rocks. Ha! 
We had the cutest little helper…
We dropped our newly found rocks off at our house and decided to forgo Jane’s nap and head to a nursery about 35 minutes up the road instead.  I was on the hunt for Limelight Hydrangeas and being that we’re in Michigan most perennials weren’t out yet, but we called and found that most of what we needed had just arrived.
We loaded up and headed back home just in time to pick up the older kids from school.
Jon and Janie worked hard outside – and yes, Jane’s wearing her bike helmet…because toddlerville.  Bahaha!
We had a busy morning on Saturday.
Henry had two soccer games and Eliza had dance pictures.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it all off, but somehow everything went really well.
For Henry’s first game we decided to sit in the car.  It was so cold.  I mean, it was 50 degrees, which usually isn’t too cold for a Michigander, but that wind – THAT WIND – I was over it.
Henry looked so stinkin’ cute our on the soccer field.  He’ll be turning 11 on Saturday, so I was taking in his last Saturday as a 10 year old.  Oh my heart…
Eliza’s dance pictures went great.  She’s so funny to me because I always tell Jon that she’s so full of life and she’s so alive.  She’s confident and strong, but when it comes to little things like getting her pictures taken I’m reminded that she’s still little as I watched her become reserved.  It’s something I don’t want to forget about her.  She takes it all in and she’s paying attention.
A picture once we arrived back home…
After soccer and pictures…and a short-lived thunderstorm, Jon and I headed outside during Jane’s nap time and got to work on the landscaping.
It was still looking pretty empty by this point.  Jon did a fantastic job of digging out the dirt and placing the edging.
I ended up placing down a lot of the lining barrier and then Jon took over while I offered to shovel up lots of rocks…and I kid you not…7,000 pounds of river rock!!!  
You guys, I’m sooooo tired today.  I shoveled for three hours straight!!!!
BUT – we got it all placed!
Here’s a picture from our neighbors deck…
The plants will grow over time and I can’t wait to watch them do their thing.  I’ll show more pictures later this week!  We’re so happy with how it’s turning out.

On Sunday I went for an early morning walk with a friend and then I was crazy and did five sprints up this sledding hill.
I don’t know why I did that.
It made me even more tired that I could have imagined.

I came home and played with the kids while Jon worked out.  It was decent outside so the kids had their lunch on the play set.
We came inside because Michigan then decided to get cold again.  BOO!
I then cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms, mopped the floors and did some laundry.
We then put Jane down for a nap and we watched a little bit of Frontiersmen.  This show is great and super informative.  It’s a little brutal at times, but the kids are learning so much, as are we!
(Don’t mind the toys on the floor) 😉

As we watched, I may have drifted off a couple of times.  Geesh, I was really tired.
Jon cleaned out the garage and any remaining rocks that had yet to be cleaned up.
I made Fettuccini Alfredo for dinner – a family favorite – and then we all plopped on the basement couch to watch Shrek.  We normally don’t watch movies on school nights, but Jon and I were just done for the day.  Eliza had made brownies and cookies earlier in the day, which made for a yummy movie night dessert!
It was an eventful and exhausting and successful weekend. We accomplished a lot and, boy, did that feel good!
I’m sure we’ll be tired until the weekend.  
I hope you all had a beautiful weekend, as well.
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Marie 🙂

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