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Hello Monday, but it’s actually Tuesday…and it’s a cRaZy busy week!
Our kids’ school schedules seem to be all over the place this week.  Today Henry’s staying after school for a study session for upcoming tests – the school is serving hot cocoa to keep it fun, tomorrow the kids don’t have early release, Eliza also has her Christmas party tomorrow and Henry has a dentist appointment.  Tomorrow afternoon, Eliza attends a programs called, Voices, then she has dance later in the evening, Jane has school today and Thursday, and then the big kids have half days on Thursday and Friday…and then it’s break.
I’m not at all feeling prepared for Christmas this year.  I am, however, extremely grateful to our neighbor, Amy, who hosted Henry and Eliza for a sleepover on Saturday night.  Jon and I were able take inventory of the gifts we do have and we were able to get A LOT of wrapping done!!!  Thank goodness for her because I have no idea when I was going to get that done.  Oh, and I stayed up until 1:30 the other night working on Christmas cards…oy.  I’m constantly telling Jon that I need 5 more hours in the day to get things done.
Speaking of, here’s what we have been doing over here…
Jane and I ventured into a Hobby Lobby two Mondays ago.  It had been months since I was had been to the Hob Lob!
We cut out and painted cardboard gingerbread houses!

The kids had piano and we were got in some puppy snuggles!

Henry had his band concert and this was the only picture I took of him.  We’re constantly running and then afterwards I just didn’t get a chance to take a picture.  Bummer!
My friend, Liz, did manage to find him between the music stands and took this picture…

…and then I took this once we were home.

Jane did great during the concert!!!  She sat next to Miss. Katy!  We love Miss. Katy so much and she kept Jane nice and entertained… and well, then Jane kept Miss. Katy nice and entertained.  LOL!

Somewhere in the week, Eliza had, “Dress for Warm Weather Day,” at school.  I’m usually aaaaaall about these fun dress up days, but I’m just so busy this year that I haven’t really helped with anything.  Gah.  I’m over here trying to give myself some grace.  She did a great job, though.

Jon’s parents came over on Wednesday and we had our Christmas together for like, 45 minutes.  The kids opened presents and then it was time for the next thing.  It was the craziest thing ever.  Jane had dance that night, so Jon took her.  She looked so cute next to the tree.
Henry had basketball and his team lost.  They only scored two points, but, wow!  The crowd sure did celebrate those two points!  LOL!
Once again, I didn’t get any good pictures as I was tending to Jane a lot of the time, but here’s a nice action picture of Henry as point guard.  My amazing neighbor, Amy took this!  She’s been helping a ton!

Henry, Everett and Redmond.
Later in the day, Eliza and Jane played school!  The girls rarely play together, so this was HUGE!!!!!!
Eliza was doing a fantastic job of teaching Jane her letters and Jane did a great job of tracing and drawing them!

Jane’s friends were all snuggled up as the girls played.

On Saturday, like I mentioned above, the older kids went to the neighbors house and Jon and I ordered food and watched The Beauty and the Beast Christmas movie and then we went to work on wrapping gifts…
Sunday was spent catching up, cleaning, making dinner and then we settled in to watch Elf!  Jane did a great job sitting for the entire movie!  It was amazing!

Phew!  Okay, what. a. week.  If you need me, I’ll be over here trying to catch my breath!
Thanks, as always, for stopping by!
Best Wishes,
Marie 🙂
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  1. I totally feel you on not feeling prepared for Christmas this year. It has FLOWN by, like seriously FLOWN by. It still feels like the beginning of November to me. I don't think two months has ever flown by so fast. Haha. It looks like y'all are packing it all in! Here's hoping we can get everything done by Saturday! Haha.

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