Five on Friday

It’s Friday and I, for one, am ecstatic!  We’ve been busy around these parts and I’m longing for a somewhat low key weekend with Jon and the kids.
Jon does have a CE class tomorrow which is about an hour out of town, but we get him to myself today and we’re heading to breakfast this morning.  YAY!  We used to get breakfast every Friday last year, but we’re just starting again this year in October due to pure busyness.  Wowza!  I can’t wait for our date breakfast!
Let’s get to Five on Friday!
Thank you for all the love here on the blog and over on Instagram!
I’m so excited!  So much so that I’m going to show these pics one more time!
Any other preggo ladies out there?

Our bathroom is coming along.  Our new faucet arrived and these handles have my heart!
Eliza and dance class.
I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing her in her little dance uniform.
It also helps that she loves dance as much as I love her being in it!  😉

A friend of ours gifted us with this Virtual Reality Headset and you guys – YOU GUYS – this thing is AMAZING!
I went on a rollercoaster ride and I literally felt my stomach going up and down.  It was nuts!  The kids are loving all it has to offer, as well.  This headset could be a SWEET Christmas gift…just saying!
We’ve been using them every single day since they arrived at our front door!  I must say – it’s quite entertaining and hilarious to watch others use the headset!
So.  Much.  Fun.

My growing belly.
I’m at the end of 16 weeks here and my belly has definitely popped!
I’m getting excited for it to grow some more, obviously for the growth of the baby, but also for me to actually look pregnant and not just bloated and full of tacos.  LOL!
Grow, baby, grow!
That’s it for now!
I hope everyone has an amazing October weekend!
See ya’ on Monday!
Marie 🙂
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