Weekend Recap

It’s Monday!
How about a quick weekend recap?!
Eliza had her first drop off birthday party to attend Friday after school.  She had never been to this friend’s house before, nor had I, BUT the mom is fabulous, I’ve known her for a couple years now and I new that without a doubt Eliza would be in safe hands.
Eliza seemed a little anxious/scared/worried when we first walked through the door.  Tears were right around the corner, so I decided to kiss her, hug her and leave as fast as possible.
It worked for her.
Girlfriend was as happy as a clam when I came back to pick her up!  YAY!!!
She had an amazing time – pizza, doughnuts, a piñata, lots of treats, a painted Halloween sign and a decorated pumpkin – the girls were kept busy for the entire 2 hours!
So fun!
We headed to one of our fav Mexican restaurants!  This isn’t the best picture, but it had to be documented…

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but this was after we ate and outside the restaurant…  

Jon and I decided to run into Menards to look for a few things for our bathroom.
We don’t have a Menards in our town, so we took full advantage of the “Menards experience.”  I’m always so surprised with all the things that are sold at Menards – the variety!  LOL!
Also, the kids, for some reason, LOVE Menards.  They’re always singing the theme song, “Save big money at Benarnds!”
Yup, to make it even funnier, they call it, “Benards.”  LOL!!!

Oh my gosh – these kids must’ve eaten too much sugar, because they were being hilarious!
They thought these magnified mirrors were THE funniest things EVER!

They were really digging all the Christmas decor…

Henry was cracking up over this “Grandma” figurine…AKA, Mrs. Clause!

Of course with all of Henry’s antics got Eliza going, too!

The giggles continued…
Oh “Benards!”

Also, just to be clear, I did end up putting all the inventory back where it belonged.

Saturday consisted of the kids and I sleeping in a little bit and having a slow morning.  Jon had a CE course and was long gone by the time we rolled out of bed.
It rained and rained and lightning and thundered and it got super dark outside.  I kind of loved it.  I made sure to sit outside to take it all in.
Once it stopped for a bit, the kids headed outside to be…well, crazy.

You guys – they put on their swimsuits…in October…and played in the rain with a hose.
Eh, why not?!  They were making memories, right?  😉

A neighbor came by and dropped off a few treats for me since I had driven by her house while she was gone on vacation.  I told her she didn’t have to get me anything since all I did was literally drive by her house at 40 miles an hour.  LOL!
It was very, very sweet of her.
That sign.  I adore that sign…

On Sunday we made our way to a farm!
I have an entire recap I’m working on.  It’ll be up tomorrow – so stay tuned!
Gosh, we had so much fun!!!  I love my people to the moon and back!

Jon taught the kids Cat’s Cradle on Sunday night.  Of course they needed instruction at first, but they both quickly picked it up!  So far we can do the first part…and kind of the next two or three, but I’ll be watching YouTube videos on how to do more.
The kids loved it.
Eliza liked it so much that she took her string to school with her.  It’s the little things….  🙂

Jon and I found the kids in their room last night teaching each other how to move the string.
Oh my heart!

That’s all I’ve got for today.
Like I said, I’ll be back tomorrow with a full farm recap!  There was just too much goodness to document.
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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