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Milk Carton Gingerbread House Garland

Well, well, well…  it’s been a hot minute since I’ve visited this little corner of the internet.  Without further explanation, ahem – cough cough … 2020, I give you a sweet little craft Eliza and I worked on today… 

I give you – 

The cutest little cardboard milk carton gingerbread house garland the world ever did see!

This was so simple and fun to make, you guys.

I ordered these paper milk carton boxes from Amazon well over a year ago with hopes of making this garland waaaaaay back then, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I never got around to it.

The pen is just a chalkboard marker you can find just about anywhere.  I happened to find mine at the dollar store up the road.  But I’ve linked one here just in case you want to grab one via online shopping.

Next up, Eliza took a break from her virtual learning and we made up some “gingerbread houses” together.  We only drew on the same part/side of every “box.”

I found this pom pom string in one of my Christmas totes.  I’ve had this one for years and if I do recall, it’s technically yarn from Walmart.  I found this on – surpriseAmazon and it’s pretty darn similar to what I used.
Next, I assembled the boxes.  Now, this part took me a few attempts, but I promise I was making it way more difficult than it actually was.  To ensure the assembly I added a dab of hot glue to the bottom, as well as some hot glue on the inside where you see that pom pom there and then I glued it shut.
Lastly, I added another dot of hot glue (green – because kids) to the “opening” of the milk jug so that it stayed closed and so that the string remained in its place once hung as garland.
A fun little Mommy and Me Christmas garland.  I won’t tell you who made which ones.  They’re all perfectly imperfect and that’s what seems to be so dang perfect about them!
These could make the cutest little additions to an Advent calendar or instead of these boxes, sandwich bags could be used.  Heck, they’d look pretty as garland on a tree, too!  So many possibilities!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I do apologize for popping up out of nowhere, but this craft turned my brain on for the day and I just had to share!
Happy December 1st!
Marie 🙂
I’m linking up with Create with Joy for my first blog party link up in a very long time!


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