Our Master Bathroom Makeover

Today’s the day I finally share our Master Bathroom Makeover!!!
This bathroom, you guys, this bathroom…
We’ve been wanting to have work done to this bathroom since we first moved in, but since it was hidden away from the rest of the house it sat on the back burner since 2007.  We painted the walls this dark blue-ish/grayish color and I “tiled” around the tub.  We organized the drawers and did our best to keep this space clean…but for the cleanest it ever became, it still was a mess of a room and it never functioned how we had hoped.
For twelve years, TWELVE YEARS, we lived without a shower in this space, only a tub.  We found ourselves dancing between bathrooms.  I’d take soap and shampoo from bathroom to bathroom, towels would constantly move around and toothbrushes never stayed in one place.  With the kids growing older we no longer wanted to take turns using their bathroom and I’m sure they appreciate not seeing us in our birthday suits!  LOL!
They now have their space and we now have OUR space.
So, here it is…well, here’s what it was
My “tile” job all those years ago.
There was a point that I could no longer live with the fish tile that adorned these walls, so I found some extra tile and had at it.
We never decorated, the tub, while super comfortable, had seen better days, those measly, crooked hooks were usually draped with towels, robes and clothes and that ledge NEVER stayed clutter free.
Also, sidenote:  There used to be a door where you see those hooks and there was a storage closet were the bedroom door is, but we did a little switch-a-roo when we realized that having two bathroom doors next to each other in the hallway was silly.  So we eliminated any extra storage we had in the space, but gained a “master bathroom,” if you will…all by moving a door…

Just more sadness…
Womp, womp…

Oh, then there’s this; the infamous cardboard in the ceiling.

Two days after Eliza was born we came home with a newborn and smelled the smell of death.  In a quick attempt to remedy the issue, Jon cut into the drywall and found that a bunch of baby birds had died in our attic.  Super sad, I know.  Jon cleaned out the space and there the ceiling sat, protected by a piece of cardboard for five years.  We’d laugh at how classy we had become, but tending to the kiddos had become far more important that fixing the ceiling.  That piece of cardboard had also become a joke about our house and bathroom and it had somehow grown on us…because we’re weird like that!

This tub.  I promise it was clean…
The most difficult part about changing this bathroom was the removal of the tub and remembering all the times the kids took their baths together in this space.
Yup, that was bittersweet for this Mama Bear, incredibly bittersweet, but change can be good…

The beginning of construction or should I say, the removal-of-all-the-things – OR, better yet – as Chip Gaines would say, DEMO DAY!
Do you see all that orange?
Yeah, the owners before us had not only had fish tile at one time, BUT they had also decided that orange walls were a good idea…and they didn’t stop there – the ceiling was also orange at one point, as well.
You guys, I’m telling you, this house has seen it all…

Oh my – I was getting reaaaaally excited right here!

I could finally start to see it; how it was all coming together!
I had Jon hold up this mirror at least 392 times a day.

The tiling.
I was absolutely giddy by this point!  I was in love.  IN. LOVE. with the tile work…
Weeks passed and the walls were painted, the tile was grouted, the vanity was placed and the shower head was added!!!
Are you ready???
I can’t wait to show you…
And here you have it!
Our finished/remodeled master bathroom!!!!!!!!!
I still have hooks to add and shelving to put up, but that will all come in time.  I couldn’t wait another minute to share this space with all of you!
A pano of this wall…

The interior of the shower.  That rain shower head has my heart!

All the beadboard is waterproof, too!  YAY!
Funny story here…well, not so funny to our contractor, I’m sure, but our construction guys were <this close> to finishing with the beadboard work, but they needed seven more pieces.  Our contractor called everywhere in the surrounding area, but he ultimately had to drive to Ohio…two hours away to acquire an additional seven boards.  Jon and I felt terrible, but our contractor made it work.  

A few before/after pictures!
I still can’t believe this is our bathroom.  It’s tiny, but mighty and I can’t get over how light and bright it is now!
If you’re interested in a source list, please let me know!
Thanks soooo much for stopping by and checking out our master bathroom makeover!  I’ll have to post about the kids’ bathroom next.  It’s a fun room with lots of functional space for such an itty bitty bathroom!  Stay tuned!
Thanks again!
Marie 🙂
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