St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Color and Shape Activity for Preschoolers

Jane and I have been having fun creating all-things St. Patrick’s Day and rainbows this week!!!
With all the creating and fun, I’ve made sure to take videos and pictures along the way to share on the blog and on social media!
This St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Color and Shape Activity was a great time and I just love how Jane added the pink shapes to her pretty rainbow!
This activity doesn’t requite much!  I had a roll of paper and the crayons on hand and the Frog Tape was purchased for a paint job in the kids’ bathroom.  All that I truly purchased for this activity was the package of colorful foam stickers.
These fun foam stickers were purchased at Walmart, but here’s a link to some from Amazon.

I hung up the roll of paper and then cut out a cauldron/pot – clearly, I freehanded it.  😉
Next I drew on rainbow lines in ROYGBIV order…
Jane was still napping, but while she napped I separated the stickers into groups of colors to make it easier than having her dig through the bag.
Girlfriend woke up from her nap and went for it.  This kept her busy for quite a while and she enjoyed sitting in my lap as she took the backing off of each sticker.
We worked on it together and to be honest, I think she could’ve done even more!
Jane really enjoyed this activity, as did I!  I think toddlers would enjoy it, too!  Heck, older brothers and sisters could help out, as well!
Do you have a favorite preschool rainbow activity?  I’d love to hear about it and try it out!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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