Melted Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Light Treats

Okay, sooo let me completely transparent here.
Martha Stewart I am not…and these melted chocolate covered strawberries had be questioning my baking and crafting and decorating abilities- BUT – I did it, I finished it and guess what?  The kids absolutely devoured these special little beastly 😉 treats!
If anyone out there knows how to work with melted chocolate in a professional manner, please – I’m begging you, please DM me.  LOL!  😉
Okay, so, if you’re wanting to make these, and you should because they truly are cute and delicious, here’s what you’ll need:
Candy Melts of your choice
Mini Marshmallows
First up, wash the strawberries thoroughly and let them dry.  Then, cut off the tops and let the top part of the strawberries dry – pat them dry if needed.

Next, melt some green candy either on the stovetop or in the microwave and put a little dab of green at the top of the strawberry.  This will act as your glue for the marshmallow.

Add the marshmallow…

Next, carefully add the green melted chocolate around the marshmallow.  I used a knife for this part.

Once the marshmallows are covered and dried, I then took them off and dipped the strawberries into the other colors.  
I used anything I could find on hand so that I wouldn’t get my fingers all messy – trust me on this part…seriously…just trust me.  😉  LOL!

Once the strawberries were covered, I then reattached the green covered marshmallow with another dab of melted chocolate.
Adding glitter as the melted chocolate dried could help cover up any imperfections, but with that being said, they still turned out cute and like I mentioned before, the kids really, REALLY loved these!
I definitely learned some things, but now I know, you know? 😉
Ya live and ya learn!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I appreciate each and every view and comment!
Marie 🙂
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