Hello Monday – Our Halloween 2022 Recap

Hello Monday!

How are you all doing out there?!
For me, November is already flying by!  I figured I’d better get this Halloween blog post published before it becomes December.  Yikes!
The Friday before Halloween we hosted a Halloween party with a bunch of amazing friends!  The last time we hosted a Halloween party was six years ago, so it was a blast to bring it all together!
Colonel Sanders was there, too.  😉 Haha!  Okay, okay, it’s me!  Hahaha!
The fam.  Everyone looked so good!
This boy was rocking his Jedi Knight costume!
Jane had dance class just as the party was starting, but I knew she was really looking forward to going, especially since the students were allowed to dress in costume throughout the week.
I had to drop her off like this.  Haha!  Luckily there aren’t a lot of people at dance on Friday evenings, buuuuuuut there was a new student in Jane’s class and it was my first time meeting the parents.  *facepalm*
Some snacks I made…
The party had arrived!  The Jamaican Bobsledders came to party!
Here’s Bob Ross adding depth to one of Jane’s pictures.  LOL!

Me with this handsome fella!  The one on the right.  😉
The Statue of Liberty was there!  It was hard for me to smile because of the facial glue!  Hahaha!
There we go! 
The Colonel and Bob.

The Colonel and Crystal from my home town bar!
Some of the kiddos…
Bob and Uncle Tony…

The Colonel awkwardly shaking hands with some guests!
Some group selfies…

My kiddos think I’m nuts!  LOL!

Best Couple – Bob Ross and his Happy Little Cloud…
Funniest – This silly unicorn…
Overall Best – The Jamaican Bobsledders!  They won a $5.00 KFC gift card!  Haha!
The next morning the kids had soccer…and Mama had a headache.  Oy.
After soccer we went to our favorite place for pumpkins, but they were closed for the season.  WWWHHHHAAAAT?!
I did manage to snap a picture of Jane in the same place I take her picture every year since she was a baby.
We attended our local Halloween parade before heading home to watch the U of M / Michigan State football game.
Henry hugging his band teach from last year.
Henry loving the band.
On Sunday, we made and decorated some spooky Halloween Rice Krispies Treats…
I love this picture of Jane.  
We also headed to the only place in town that had pumpkins – Home Depot.  I was cracking up!
It wasn’t exactly the cute farm pictures that I’ve taken every year before, but I rolled with it so that I wouldn’t get sad.  It ended up being a lot of fun…
Time to carve…
Eliza was being so goofy!
I do believe it was the first year that Henry and Eliza completely worked on their pumpkins without our help.  I can’t believe they’re old enough to do that!
On Monday I was FINALLY able to attend Eliza’s Halloween class party!!!!  Yessssssss!!!!!
We had to head to a photographer up the road right after school so I told Henry to walk across the street to Eliza’s school and meet me in her school.  I later realized that I brought a little party with me, and was freaking out over that being frowned upon…our schools have been extremely tight on keeping everyone out for so long…but instead of worrying too much, I took in the moment that we were all in an elementary school together and it made my heart so happy!  Henry’s last elementary school Halloween party that I had attended was when he was in 3rd grade and he’s now in 6th grade!  So, yeah…my worried Mama heart was  also bursting with excitement…
Also, Eliza told me to dress as a lion to go along with her costume and this was the best I could do!  But hey, I did it!
Henry worked on his school work while we finished up our partying…
We booked it to the photographer about 30 minutes away (they do Halloween photos on Halloween every year) and then picked up McDonald’s for dinner at the drive-thru and then beelined it home to start trick-or-treating!
We had only minutes to use the restrooms, fix our costumes and grab our Halloween buckets before meeting up with the neighbors!
Oh and I threw together this Princess Leia outfit with a sheet so I’d match Henry and the neighbor boys!
Look at that gang!  
Love, love, looooove these kiddos!
Pure joy!
Also, it wasn’t snowing!  Yay for that!  Haha!
Our neighborhood literally gives out gift bags to the kids because they’re the only ones who trick-or-treat down our road!
Look at the bags!
The kids, for some reason, decided to come home and land on our front porch, but we told them to pick it up their candy and that we were heading into town for a little more trick-or-treating fun!
We went down a couple of roads that we have loved in the past and they kids had a blast!  Blurry pic, but it’s the best we could do, oh and sorry, Jon, for me not including you.  😉
Candy time!!!
Just when Halloween should’ve been over, Jane’s preschool still had one more celebration.  She attends school on Tuesdays and Thursdays so her Halloween “party” was on the Tuesday following Halloween.  She wanted me to dress as Anna from Frozen and luckily I had kept an old Anna DIYed shirt that I had made for Eliza for the exact reason six years ago.  I also needed to decorate the back of my car for the trunk or treat – something I’ve never done before and something I hadn’t had time to do up until the morning of her party.  I also had to meet some Booster/PTO moms to drop off and pick up coffee items and milk jugs that same morning for all the Booster fun/magic we were making happen on that morning.
I’m cracking up because my eyes look so tired and then the poop balloon in the background is just perfect. Oy.
I literally ran around all morning, basically out of breath until 11.  It was all worth it though because Jane was thrilled!!!!
I’ve never cut snowflakes so fast!  I wanted to make this girl happy and it looks like she was good with it!  Also, who likes the Elsa doll?!  Bahahaha!  It was placed there for authenticity.  
Jane was happy…and SUGARED UP!  LOL!
Case in point.
Today feels boring compared to last Monday.  I tell ya, that was bonkers.  Absolutely bonkers, but also magical and fun and lots of great memories were made!
Thanks so very much for scrolling through our crazy Halloween fun and cheers to you Mama Magic Makers out there making it all happen!
Marie 🙂
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