Confessional Thursday

Today I’m linking up with Jessica for Confessional Thursday, which  means it’s about to get real up in here.

My confessions today are all about my mothering skills, or lack there of…*wink*!

I confess…

…on Monday I let me kids split an excessively large cookie, as well as eat a cup full of M&M’s/Resse’s Pieces, oh and they also had chips with their dinner…all in one day.  Hello diabetes…

On Tuesday, a Post Office Worker (<— Postal Man?) gave them a sucker.  #notmyfault


…almost every night Jon takes the kids and gets them ready for bed.  I jump in the shower and I either:

A. get out of the shower, but keep the shower running so that the kids “think” I’m still showering, but really – I’m just slowly getting dressed…


B. get out of/turn off shower and scroll through Facebook and/or Instagram as quietly as possible as I sit on my kids’ itty bitty stepping stool and dry off.


…real pants are a joke.  My choice of apparel is strictly based on the decision the Hubs and I made to have created tiny little humans while I take on the SAHM role.  This in turn allows me to jump, dance and play with the kiddos, which makes me a pretty cool mom, just not the best-dressed.  My clothes need help, but I’m sooooo unwilling to change.  I’m a hot mess.  A real hot mess.


…I kiss, hug and cuddle my kids so much before I hit the hay at night that I usually wake them up around midnight.  A necessary Navy Seal departure usually ensues.  “It was all a dream…” I say…  😉


…I have an “at home voice” and a “in public voice.”  No worries.  My kids are safe and I love them more than anything.  I like to refer to these two voices as Mary Poppins and “Mommy” Poppins!  LOL!


…the kids are currently watching Paw Patrol while I’m on the computer blogging and enjoying a cup of joe.  #sorrynotsorry #gottadowhatyougottado


Whew!  Once again, I feel so much better.

Okay, I’m off to go hug, kiss and coddle those babies of mine!

Marie 🙂

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  1. well.. no shame in my game over here either because sometimes, I run the shower and just sit on the toilet looking at my phone to make my hubby think I'm in the shower a reaaaaally long time! haha
    Also, I can't remember the last time I wore jeans..leggings are my #momiform so I hear you on that one! 🙂

  2. OMG I do the SAME thing with the showers! LOL! I hear ya on being a hot mess, I try some days to actually put myself together and then think "this was way too much damn work" so back to leggings and hair pulled up it is! Love this post 🙂

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