Friday Favorites – Gift Guide – For Him

 It’s Friday and guess what!?

I’ve got a gift guide for ya!

My first gift guide is for the guy in your life, which also happens to be my most difficult purchase(s) every year.  Most of the items I’m sharing I’ve purchased for Jon before and a couple may be repeated again this year…when it’s good, it’s good, you know. 😉

Anyhow, let’s get to it!

Living in Michigan, we dress in layers from now until the end of April.  Each of us owns some form of an Underarmour shirt that keeps us warm and toasty under all the layers.  We where them while sledding, snow skiing, football games and while shoveling snow.  Jon wears his all the time and it’s basically the gift that keeps on giving.
I came across this brand of lounger and underwear last year through an influencer on Instagram and decided to splurge and buy some loungers for Jon.  I used a discount code last year and for the next day or two anything on the Tommy John website is 30% off.  Jon absolutely loves these pants and I’ll definitely be ordering him another pair…and perhaps some shorts.
These Fair Harbor Swim Shorts are amazing.  Jon received these from me two years ago and they’re still going strong.  They’re made from recycled plastic bottles and contains a BreezeKnit liner as opposed to the mesh net liners.  Jon has raved about how comfortable they are to wear.  This may be the year I get Henry a pair, too.
This Monster Bluetooth Speaker wasn’t a Christmas gift, but WOW!  This thing is amazing!  Some friends bought it for us for hosting a Fourth of July party this past year and it’s been really fun to own.  It comes with a microphone, which our girls love and it sounds really, REALLY good!  It’s perfect for tailgating, parties, the beach or for just a good ole kitchen dance party on a Monday night!
I purchased a toiletry bag for Jon similar to this one about four years ago from T. J. Maxx and it’s still holding strong.  I love the simplicity of it and the color is perfection!
Okay, so this is just so cool and gratifying.  I think I’ll order some for me, too.
Now, here’s something we don’t own, but one can NEVER go wrong with slippers.  These slippers from L.L. Bean have amazing reviews!
This speaker has been really good to us throughout the years.  It’s currently on sale, too!
Jon uses a large Ninja blender for his protein shakes, but I’ve been thinking about how nice it’d be for him to use one of these instead – a Ninja Fit Single Server Blender.  He drinks a shake practically every day.  I’d love to hear if you use one of these, too.  

Thanks so very much for stopping by!  
Happy Shopping!
Marie 🙂
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