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Well, well, well…it’s Monday again!
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The past week-ish was a busy one.  Time flew, but in the best of ways.
Two Fridays ago we found out that our contractor would be arriving to install our cabinetry we had ordered way back in the spring.  We’ve been extremely patient, especially considering we’ve never had a good use for this space since it was finished way back in late 2014, so what was another few months of waiting.
That same Friday we spent packing to head camping with friends.  We try to go camping every year with our group of friends and we camp pretty close to home.  This makes packing up and traveling home not so bad come Sunday.  The kids played and played and Jon and I took full advantage of spending some quality time with Jane.
We rode our bikes everywhere.  The camping “roads” were a blast to ride on and we got going pretty fast.  Henry absolutely loved it.  Alas, I didn’t get any pictures of Henry or Eliza.  They were off having far too much fun to stop for a picture.
We did manage to find this cute stage…
Took Janie to the nature center…
She rode her bike like this anytime she could…
We ventured out on the bike trails…
Jane took “Baby” for walks everywhere…
It was a great trip!
Monday was the beginning of our Homecoming Week!
First up, The Flintstones.  The kids weren’t entirely sure who The Flintstones were so I gave them a crash course the night before.  I also managed to make up these costumes out of dollar store t-shirts in between unpacking and nap time.  The shirts somehow turned out great!
Tuesday – Jake and the Neverland Pirates day.  Again, another t-shirt costume…
Henry also came home with his last lost baby tooth.  This was an emotional little moment for yours truly!
Henry, Jane and I also swung by our local high school to catch a few minutes of a band invitational.  Henry was loving it so much!
Wednesday – Scooby Doo…
Thursday – SpongeBob.  This was our most difficult day because we’ve never watched SpongeBob.  We know what it is, but we were kind of lost as to who was who and what was what.  This was the best we could do.  Henry wasn’t feeling it…
Friday – School colors day!
The day I went to get Scooby Doo costume materials/ideas was the same day I happened upon these two dresses and had to try them on.
I absolutely loved this velvet dress and if I was confident enough I would’ve purchased it for family pictures.
I did, however, purchase this dress for New Years and I have no idea why – buy it’s now in my possession. I texted Jon and said, “I bought a dress because I’m only getting older.” Hahaha!!!
On Wednesday Jane and I drove over to the University of Michigan for her allergy testing.  I don’t drive far these days so I was a little worked up leading up to actually having to leave.  I ended up taking the back roads.  It always amazes me that I can take back roads to three universities near where we live all while living far away and in the country.
Anyway, Jane was spectacular and never made a peep for almost two hours.  She actually loved going and I swear she thought everyone was just playing, “doctors,” with her.  It’s her favorite thing to play.
Jane was tested for sesame and tahini.  I was truly hoping she had outgrown it, but that wasn’t the case…
Definitely still allergic and the doctor said she more than likely will never outgrow it.  We’re hoping therapy will be an option in the coming years and possibly as early as her next appointment in a year.  We still need to be mindful of fish, lentils, chickpeas and bees.  In the meantime, the doctor reminded me that I have all that I need – the Epipens…and to not be afraid to use them.  
Sesame currently isn’t listed as an allergen on most products, but because it’s becoming a more popular allergy it’ll more than likely start to be listed on product labeling.
Thank goodness.  
We went out to celebrate Jane being so brave.
Thursday rolled around and Jane and I went on our first major grocery shopping trip since before the pandemic began and then we decided to go to Playgroup!  I haven’t been to Playgroup since Henry and Eliza were little so I was thrilled it was back!  Jane did fantastic!
On Friday we finally were able to go to our first Homecoming parade since 2018.  There was a storm in 2019, then we all know about 2020.  Womp womp.
This was Jane’s first parade EVER!
Henry is playing trumpet right now in 5th grade band, so the marching band had new meaning to him this year!
We went home, made pizzas and waited for the rain to pass and then we were off to Jane’s first Homecoming football game!
We arrived, but the bleachers were empty due to lightning.  We decided to wait it out for a bit.  It was past Jane’s bedtime so I was a little on edge, but we played it cool.  The football players came out to warm up and the band ended up almost making it down the track until we were all told to leave the stadium due to more lightning.  Dang.
We ended up going home.  The kids were a little disappointed but they seemed happy enough to have seen what they saw.  I was relieved to take Jane home for bed as she was losing her marbles.
Saturday morning rolled around…
Henry had soccer – which he is loving, by the way, and then we headed to get pumpkins…
After grabbing pumpkins we decided to skip nap time and head to our favorite farm.  We didn’t get pumpkins at this location because of already set in traditions of getting our pumpkins from the other location.
Photo dump in 3…2…1…

I got talking to someone I knew and then looked over to find Jane doing this.  She’s so dang adorable.
And there you have it!  A successful week-ish of all-things-fall and happiness!
Thanks so much for following along!
Best Wishes,
Marie 🙂


  1. What a fun week! Y'all did so much! I love both of those dresses you tried on, but that second sparkly one is absolutely FAB!! I'm so glad you bought it! And I'm sorry that Jane is still allergic… bless her. Those welts on her arms were huge so she must be severely allergic. I didn't know anyone could be allergic to sesame seeds. I'm so glad to hear that they'll start putting it as an allergen on product packaging soon. It's scary having to carry an Epipen but thank goodness for them, right?!

  2. Thanks so much, Lindsay! I seriously may just be wearing it while sitting on my couch, but I had to have it. LOL!!! It's from a newish store in town that gets lots of clothes and goods from so many great stores. I call it my mini-Target since we don't have one close by! As for the Epipen, oh how happy I am that we live in a time that they exist! I always have two on hand, buy anywhere we travel we make sure to look up the location of the nearest hospital and we come up with a game plan that if anything should happen that we'll either drive or call for an ambulance depending on the distance and traffic. Actually, while in Rosemary I checked every menu and some places use sesame oil to cook. At one restaurant in particular we sat next to the kitchen and I was really nervous about the air and fumes for her, but we informed the waitstaff and they were great and eased our minds. Ugh – I'm nervous come school age for this allergy, so I pray the therapy and labeling can will begin sooner rather than later.

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