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Welcome Wednesday – Let’s Paint!

I’m nesting.
Nesting sure does make one do crazy things;  clean out every. single. cabinet, get rid of all the toys, work on a nursery, organize the closets, use a toothpick to clean kitchen cabinets, scrub grout with a toothbrush, clean all the baseboards, paint the entire house…
Yup, you read that last one correctly.  I said what I said – paint the entire house.
Our house has been a version of white for about ten years now, Gallery White by Behr, to be exact.

While the internet has decided to go all white, I’m just kind done with the all-white-wall-look.  Maybe it’s the crazy pregnancy brain, the nesting, the endless streaks of handprints down the hallway.  Who knows, but I’m ready for warmer walls.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d have to say that white is still one of my favorite colors, so I most definitely plan to accessorize with lots of white – white throw pillows, white wall decor, white board and batten, white shelving, etc.

One of my favorite feeds over on Instagram – Blue Barn Cottage – has THE prettiest home!  There’s just so much I love I can’t pick out one thing.

This picture right here was my inspiration to paint our walls.

I adore the softness of the her home.  It’s choke-full of whites, but it still says, “Come on it, I’m cozy and warm.”  Her wall color you ask?  It’s Agreeable Gray.  We instantly fell in love…

Marie and Agreeable Gray, A Love Story…

Then I started to google/scroll through Pinterest for more Agreeable Gray photos.
I found this from City Farmhouse.
Oh my heavens.

I adore this entryway and how inviting it feels…and…ummm…can we talk about that door and that rug?!  It seemed to me that blues, grays, reds and browns all paired well with Agreeable Gray…it’s such a diverse color.

After a little more scrolling I found this pretty kitchen.
Yes, please!
I love how the Agreeable Gray pops in an all white kitchen and not to mention the fact that a buffalo check towel looks like it was made for this space!  I love me some buffalo check!
In order to keep it real, I’ll show you some before pictures.  I’ll warn you, these are NOT the prettiest…  I did not clean up before taking these pics AND none of the pics have been edited.  Also, please note how I tricked Jon into painting.  I simply slapped up some paint on almost every wall in our house to ensure he’d notice and hopefully get sick of looking at large samples of paint in every room…it worked.


Yes, the white walls are very much “in” at the moment, but I had to move on.

If you look closely you can see some paint samples up and to the right of Eliza…
More paint samples…  There are a bunch on the wall tot he right, kind of difficult to see from this angle, but you get the idea…

Keeping it real…
There are actually three different paint colors over on that wall by the entertainment center…

The hallway.  My plan was working.  I just kept adding more and more samples…

Our entryway.
Marie really went for it in the entryway…
Jon ultimately agreed to Agreeable Gray!  HA!
<high fives self>
Here’s a pic of our unedited/non-tidy kitchen with Agreeable Gray – I, personally, love it!
Now to convince that fella of mine that we need white subway tile or beadboard or shiplap as a backsplash.

Dun dun duuuuuuunn….

We still have the living room and hallway to go, but we most definitely started with the most tedious space in our home, the kitchen.  The rest should be easy peasy – just a TON of wall space!
I’m sure I’ll have an entire blog post of our painting journey – I’ll edit those pictures.  😉
Anyway, wish us luck…and tell me what you think!
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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  1. I LOOOOVE IT!! And so freaking funny that you just did this because it is on my list of things to do SOON to paint our entire downstairs… Agreeable Gray!! Bahahaha. I kid you not! I've loved that color for years!! I've been torn between that and Repose Gray, so I'll have to get some samples and see which looks best in our house. I LOVE IT IN YOUR HOUSE, THOUGH!! UGH, this makes me want to paint even more!! NOOOOW!

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