Thanksgiving Recap – 2017

Phew.  Happy Thursday and five pounds heavier, to ya’!

No?  Am I the only one still trying to work off all that scrumptious Thanksgiving food whilst pinning cinnamon bun recipes on Pinterest?  Gah.  I need elastic pants…
Let’s get to the recap to distract me from eating again.
The Wednesday leading up to Marie’s-all-she-can-eat-Thanksgiving-weekend started off a little like this…
A friend of mine sent me a picture she had found of a turkey made out of pipe cleaners and feathers and placed in a little girl’s hair.  I showed it to Eliza and she was immediately captivated by it!
We went to the grocery store, picked up the pipe cleaners and feathers and then, on Wednesday, we happened to throw this cute turkey together in about five minutes or so before running out the door for school.
Girlfriend was thrilled and, and not to mention, so careful with her hair.

That same morning I volunteered at Henry’s school to assist in making pumpkin pie in a bag.
I had no idea what I was doing and I’m sure other parents thought I was cray, but whatevs.
All went well and I was able to spend some special time with Henry and his adorable classmates.
Henry and his friends in their little turkey outfits just stole my heart.  Love them.  Love him.

Oh the first grade cuteness!

After volunteering I ran back home for the second time that morning to finish up packing the car and clean up the house the best I could before I had to leave again to pick up Eliza.  We picked up Henry a bit later, came home to pack up a bit more, picked up Jon and then hit the road to get to my sister’s house.
The kids were already exhausted, as was Mama…

Before heading to my sister’s house, the kids and I dropped off Jon to meet up with his Dad for a movie and dinner.  We did this last year, too.  It’s worked out well that Jon gets to have some quality time with his Dad and that Henry and Eliza get to play with their cousins at Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Derrick’s house.
We love going to my sister’s house and it had been far too long since we had been there last, April to be exact.  We chilled, we conversed, some of us napped ;), we ate pizza, the kids played and then before we knew it, we were all worn out.

Then BAM!  It was Thursday.  Thanksgiving had arrived.

First up – Grandpa George and Grandma Terri’s house (my in-laws).

Henry refused to smile unless I gave him $15.  Ummm…what the heck?  A piece of candy maybe, but not fifteen bucks!

This was the best family photo we got and, as you can see, there was no monetary settlement.

Only moments later negotiations over payment for a smile had clearly subsided.

Mommy wearing makeup and her hair down (I dressed up for the foodobviously) and my sweet little lady…

The kids found Meatloaf the Cat…

The cousins loved playing outside for a bit.  It was a tad chilly, so this was as far as I went and you-know-what?  I don’t even feel bad about it.

Henry didn’t eat a lot at dinner, but once pumpkin pie and pumpkin rolls were offered he managed to sit right down and get to work.  He also took it upon himself to add the whipped cream…

We’ve got ourselves a couple of pumpkin dessert fans!

At one point a camp was constructed using lots of blankets and the tables we had been sitting at for dinner.  It was pretty cute!
Meanwhile the Detroit Lions were playing their annual Thanksgiving Day football game, and as to be expected, they lost.  I tell ya’, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving here in Michigan without a Detroit Lions loss…
After the game we headed over to my parents’ house.  The kids beelined it to the guest room where they knew they’d find toys…
Eliza took a picture of me and Jon.  I’ll take what I can get.

…………aaaaaaaaannnnnd – I drank a little…just a little

Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad’s was fun.  There was a dance party, yummy food and like I mentioned above, adult beverages…  It was a great time.  Or at least I thought so…perhaps the drinks had something to do with it – I dunno?  😉
The next morning, Elmer The Elf made his first appearance of the season!
It worked out well considering we were about to be in the car for most of the day.
The kids were soooooo excited!!!

Oh, and Elmer decorated the car!  How cool is that?!  😉

Oh my goodness – Eliza’s face just cracks me up…

We kissed and hugged my parents goodbye and then drove out to a boat store that always has Black Friday deals on lots of lake stuff – life jackets, swimwear, towels, tubes, etc.  It was the first year we didn’t buy anything, but we did happen to look at boats a little more seriously than we ever had before.  I highly doubt that we’ll get one anytime soon, but it sure was fun to look.
We had somewhat of an early dinner at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant!
Our little elves were starving and although Jon and I had just consumed two Thanksgiving meals just the day before, we still managed clear our plates at dinner.  I. Love. Food.  Somebody tell me to stop.
After dinner, we hopped in the car for the two hour ride home.
We had the most gorgeous view…

On Saturday we woke up and got out all the Christmas decorations.  Starting at noon, we watched some college football – Michigan vs Ohio State.
I don’t want to talk about it…  *silent tears*
After a whimper and a wail…and another whimper and a shriek of, “Noooo!!!  Whyyyyy?” and some internal cursing, we headed outside to play in the leaves and to put up Christmas lights.

A nice walk ensued and before we knew it, it was dark and it was time for dinner.

I spent Sunday doing laundry, the kids played outside and they played at the neighbors’ house for a bit, too.  Have I mentioned how incredibly grateful we are to have such amazing little boys (and parents) living next door?!  Pinch me.
It’s already somehow Thursday and I’m going to try reaaaaally hard to not eat all the things today.

I give it until 10 a.m.   😉

Marie 🙂

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