New Year’s Weekend – Recap

Happy New Year!
I can’t believe 2016 is over.  Boy it sure did seem to fly by, didn’t it?  Unfortunately, I rang in the new year by feeling a bit icky.  I still have these overwhelming nauseous and dizzy moments.  Sometimes I’ll just go lie down for twenty minutes and then I’ll feel completely fine.  It’s so weird.  My appetite is barely there, but when it comes back I try to eat as much as possible.  Luckily coffee still tastes good in the mornings, but come afternoon, it’s a no-go.  Boo.  I love my afternoon coffee.  Let’s hope this illness moves on very soon.
Jon’s been great and he’s been giving me that oh-so-needed rest when he’s around.  
This is how my weekend began.  Henry and Jon made me coffee and brought it to me in bed.  Nubs the cat helped with the snuggles.  🙂
My sister and her family came over on Saturday to help ring in the new year!  The kids played hard.
Oh and see my “cheers” balloons, they’re originally from Target, but I found them at Goodwill!  Score!  Just to be clear, they were in a package and not already blown up.  LOL!  😉
Aside from having to go lie down again at around five o’clock due to feeling blah, we had a great time and we managed to stay up until about 1:30 a.m.
Not the kids…oh no.  Although we let them stay up past their bedtimes, they were all nestled and snug in their beds by ten o’clock.
Speaking of the kiddos, my sister and I wanted to do something for the kids to help celebrate the new year, so my sister came up with a super cute scavenger hunt for the kids and I came up with hourly activities.  The kids loved all of it.  We had to make the last few hourly activities more like thirty minute activities as it was getting late and the kids were becoming exhausted.
Our last “hourly activity” read, “Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  Happy New Year!  Time to Celebrate!”  So the kids went out on the deck and celebrated with those popper/confetti/string things (technical term, I’m sure).  As you can see none of them were wearing coats or shoes, but, of course, they didn’t care.  They were ready to party…well, for the twelve seconds they were out there!  Ha!
The rest of New Year’s day was spent relaxing in pajamas with my sister and her family.  After they left there was more relaxation, napping (on my part), reading and cartoon watching.
Monday came around too fast.  My friend, Sara, is hosting her third weight-loss group challenge and I, for the third time, joined.  I know that weight is just a number, but I do need to start eating healthier and exercising more.  This sickness isn’t helping me any, but hopefully I can start running again soon once the dizziness subsides.
Anyway, here’s my current weight, you know – to hold me accountable and stuff.  Haha!  :0
……aaaaaaaaaaand what’s the first thing I do on a the first day of a weight-loss challenge?  Umm…take the kids to lunch, of course!
Hey, it was our last day of vacation yesterday and I wanted to go out on a date with my babies.  Once again, I literally lost my appetite right in the middle of eating due to feeling dizzy, but I’m so happy these little munchkins had a great time!  They love going out to lunch.  🙂
We came home, I took Eliza to gymnastics and we prepared for the week.  Thank goodness it’s a short one!
Boy-oh-boy, do I already miss sleeping in…  😉
Happy New Year, friends!
Marie 🙂

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  1. What a fun idea to have a scavenger hunt for the kids! Next year I want to do something really fun for our kiddos on NYE since Olivia should be old enough to hang a little later! I sure hope you're feeling better soon, friend!

  2. Oh no Marie, I hope you start to feel better soon!! Are you sure you're not pregnant?? He he 🙂 I love those balloons you found at Goodwill, major score!! That scavenger hunt sounds so fun for the kids!!

  3. Oh my. I'm so sorry that you have been suffering with dizziness. I am no stranger to dealing with dizziness. I have benign positional vertigo and Meniere's Disease. Thankfully, mine has been well managed. I used to have to do exercises called Cawthorne Head Exercises to make myself dizzy. The whole point was to train my body to "get used to being dizzy" and how to stop it instantly which is to focus on a single object in the room. (Apparently that is the trick ice skaters use. Who knew!)

    You are certainly in great spirits despite it all! What a wonderful testimony.

    Praying God brings you healing.

    Happy New Year!

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